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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
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Question for the constitutional lawyers..

Is there any way to fight trump's Executive Order? Is there a chance the first amendment is really hangng in the balance?

If TMZ is to be believed, he gave in and wore a mask.

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Sorry for the crapfest tabloid source, but apparently they got the scoop first.

Has anyone noticed that when trump stands, he looks as if he's sliding forward at the waist?

When you're stuck with the president from Hell

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Baby trump is confronted with Corona Virus lies

His body language and choice of words give it away

If you watch closely, you can see he's truly making this crap up as he goes along about taking the drug. Notice how he tacks on his admission to the hyperbolic statement, "The front line workers, many, many are taking it." Watch his face when he then says, "I happen to be taking it. I happen to be taking it." He makes this claim only to reinforce the other lie about all the front line workers. It might not have occurred to him that the press would keep on about it because he really doesn't care. He even says it twice, like "Yeah, that's the ticket. The front liners take it, and I'm taking it, too." Then he trails off, " (I'm on it) Right now....a couple of weeks ago..... " He gestures with his hands to emphasize. And his reasoning? "Because I've heard really good stories."

Vague and obtuse. I'll bet it sent his minions into a tizzy. Not like it's a surprise, but I've seldom seen it this obvious.

Uhm er, uh......

Now I might be wrong, but even if it works, aren't you supposed to take hydroxychloroquine only when you ACTUALLY HAVE THE VIRUS?

trump is lying.


Screw Donnie's temper tantrums about non existent scandals. That was an excellent commencement address.

PA factory to trump: "You have cooties. Please don't visit."



President Trump was pushing to get out in the public eye in recent weeks and tout his leadership during the pandemic, and White House staff thought they had hit on the ideal event: a presidential visit to thank the Pennsylvania factory workers who had recently taken herculean steps to ramp up U.S. supplies of protective equipment.

Workers had received national attention after dozens of them lived for 28 days inside their factory so they could ensure they were virus-free and their production was not contaminated or disrupted by illness.

White House officials pressed to hold an event at the Braskem factory, initially scheduled for last Friday. But after extensive back and forth, factory officials ultimately asked to postpone, worried that a visit from Trump could jeopardize both the safety of the workers and the plantís ability to produce special material for masks and other medical gear, according to two people familiar with the decision and documents reviewed by The Post.


"And just like that.... "

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