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Pence used personal AOL account for state business as governor...and was hacked.


Vice President Mike Pence used a private AOL account to conduct official business in his former position as the governor of Indiana, according to public records. And at one point, the account was hacked and used to send fraudulent emails seeking money from his contacts.

Pence used the account to communicate with advisers about issues including homeland security in Indiana and the security of the gates at the governor's mansion, The Indianapolis Star reports.

The newspaper says it obtained 29 pages of email records from current Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb's office in response to a public records request.

Under Indiana law, public officials are allowed to use personal email accounts and the practice can help them avoid using official accounts to conduct political business. As the Star notes, the law is "generally interpreted" to require public officials to save any emails related to official business in order to follow open records laws. A Pence spokesman says the vice president complied with that requirement.

Anyone remember the movie "Soapdish"?

It came out in 1991 and it skewered daytime soap operas. Spoiler alert: There is a great scene where Sally Field's character is about to have a breakdown because she feels like a forgotten has-been, and her close friend and confidante, a writer (played by Whoopie Goldberg), suggests she go "across the bridge" to the Paramus mall where Whoopie will pretend to be a shopper who'll "recognize" Sally Field the soap star on an escalator, causing a minor autograph-seeking fan flurry, just enough of which gives Sally Field's character a strong dose of a much-needed "fame fix".

That's what this weekend's Florida re-election rally was all about for trump.

Seen on FB: "You can't comb over racism and hate." n/t

I am sure this has already been posted, but Ivanka's clothes are apparently made in China.




even teen vogue knows:


My new name for him: "Hairhead" n/t

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