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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,463

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"Merry December" by Mike and the Mikettes: an original music video

Thanks for watching! This is a little holiday video I made to a song I wrote in the style of the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" Pardon the fact that it's also an ad for my CD, but please know that it is not only available to purchase, but also to stream in it's entirety FOR FREE at:


If you like, please give it a rec, and even if you watch it and think "I won't be able to get those 2 minutes back", there will still be no harm done!

Thanks for supporting independent music and MERRY HAPPY TO ALL!

I'm sorry, but I simply must agree with Ms. Lauten.......

Everyone knows a smart daytime suit and matching shoes are what's required for a poultry exoneration ceremony. It's Emily Post 101.

Sometimes you just have to make light of it all: "The Ebola Czars"; GREAT name for a band! n/t

"It's Called Religion, but it's got nothing at all to do with God"

Thanks for watching.

I am sincerely happy that 12 Years a Slave won BP, AND....

I am over the moon that Alphonso Cuaron won Best Director for GRAVITY. The man is a truly an auteur. With Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Little Princess, and Children of Men, I knew he was one to watch. He also turned the Harry Potter series on its ear when he directed the third movie and set the tone for all the subsequent films.

I wrote and recorded this in less than 2 days. Please give it a listen. Thanks.

It's a short graphic novel set to music. It's obvious what it's about, given the refrain. If you like it, please give it a push and a shove. Thanks for listening.


Last Chance at Sundown

Mike Griffith

The evening came, the sun was glistening
and you were there and no one was listening
it finally gave, I hate to tell you
and no one could see the rage inside you

for days and days you'd go on and on
about how some no-account-something had done you wrong
and sooner or later, you're gonna go down town

and stand your ground......and stand your ground......

Mike on the Mic.

Seriously.....Christie's claim is that Wildstein had cooties in HS.

that's his defense. This doesn't add to the discourse, but I just had to put that out there. sorry.

methinks steve k is a STAR now.

for breaking the hoboken story.

UHM. OH SNAP! Christie just blew up. MSNBC. DETAILS...

just saw. Wildstein has evidence christie knew. sorry for being vague..this had JUST come in.
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