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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
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We're living in dystopia but we don't care because we're just "free" enough.

I apologize that I have little more to add, but I just finished playing a gig with my band and it's late and I have to work tomorrow so I am in stream of consciousness mode right now having just listened to this amazing relic from the somewhat distant past, and this made me realize that there's certain pieces of music from my life's soundtrack that I can't listen to without somehow feeling the disocncerting history, and not because of some sort of association with a personal experience, but just because of how different things were when these songs came out. For example, I can't hear "In the court of the crimson king" the same way anymore after seeing the film "Children of Men."

does this make any sense to anyone else?

Anyway, this seminal album is a masterpiece and it kind of illustrates my point.

Of course this took exactly five minutes to happen.

As the Pope leaves amidst scandal, I thought this appropriate. Thanks for listening.

I wrote and released this in 2007.

My message is simple:

God hasn't ruined the world. The world has ruined God.

Here's the video:

It's part of a larger piece called "The Parable" :




Thanks again for listening.

I am all over Rachel's documentary like a cheap suit. n/t

A request for a special DU Smilie for Beatle Fans, if it's not too difficult to create.

Thanks, DU for the musical smilies. They gave me an idea for a SMILIE request: any chance we can make "Ringo, Paul, John, & George" smilies? All you would have to do is put little "mop-top wigs" on the little guitarist and drummer. and for the sake of authenticity, you could even reverse the guitar's direction for the "Paul" smilie.


Here are some examples from the internet:

Not so much with the H20, Marco. It's all anyone's really gonna remember. That, and Rand's hair.

I hate to seem overdramatic, but Dorner's still at large and the Grammys are on Sunday night.

I imagine security is tight.

Harry Potter has grown up and is playing...Alan Ginsberg.

this appears to be a candid shot of Daniel Radcliffe from the set of "Kill Your Darlings," a fantasy murder mystery set in the '50s where the key "Beat Generation" players are the main characters.

Fashion guys: tell me you aren't coveting the coat, the scarf, the shirt, the sweater, the trousers, AND the shoes, and all because he's wearing them looking like that. Ladies and gay gents: tell me he doesn't look rather attractive wearing that "1955-gone-2013-Burberry" look.

This guy is making great career choices so far.

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