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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
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A&E reverses suspension.

Hollywood phonies in Camouflage drag.


Me and Baby Bear

18 July, 1918 - 5 December, 2013

Quell surprise! MSNBC appears to be the only news network carrying the President's speech.

Convenient, seeing as how it's about income inequality. I admit that I don't get HLN. Is it on there?

Lou Reed's "better half".....

I don't know how many people are familiar with performance artist Laurie Anderson, but I have seen her 3X in concert and each time was MESMERIZING.

Here she is with Lou being interviewed by Charlie Rose.

I saw this tour in 1986 and was lucky enough to meet her. She was very gracious and genuinely thankful for her fans. I have no idea how she feels because she has not made a public statement, but my heart goes out to her.

Lou Reed - March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013

NC GOP Official fired after bragging voter ID law would "kick democrats' butt."


Check out the video.

In the interview, which aired Wednesday night, Yelton tells Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi that the new voting law, which mandates voter identifications, the curtailing of early voting operations and does not allow college students to vote using their school ID, “is going to kick the Democrats in the butt.” He also dismisses concerns that the law will particularly affect communities of color by saying, “If it hurts a bunch of lazy Blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.”

The Daily Show ROCKS.

Police Cuff Black Teen for Buying Pricey Belt


Soon after he left the store, he was stopped by plainclothes detectives. The clerk had called to report the sale as a fraud. At the local precinct, Christian showed police his receipt, the debit card he'd used, and an ID proving the card was his, but he "was told that his identification was false and that he could not afford to make such an expensive purchase." Eventually, after a call to his bank, which confirmed the card was indeed his, police let Christian go. He has since returned the Salvatore Ferragamo belt. "I didn't want anything to do with it," he says.

Take note of some of the comments. They're divided into "it's his fault for trying to buy it in the first place," He'll sue them so this is a legal scam of some kind, not a civil rights violation, " and my fave "He won't get that much money anyway, so he should grin and bear it."

This story should really go viral.

Oh, and his name is Trayon.

edited to add other links:



Former Bush Official: We Went Into Iraq Because 'We Were Looking For Somebody's Ass To Kick'


New York Times reporter Peter Baker is out with a new book that reportedly reveals some eyebrow-raising details about the Iraq War.

A senior official from former President George W. Bush's administration is quoted in “Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House” saying American troops went into Iraq because the U.S. was looking for a fight.

"The only reason we went into Iraq, I tell people now, is we were looking for somebody’s ass to kick. Afghanistan was too easy," the anonymous official said, according to Politico.

"Then Shut it Down."

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