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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,463

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New Bumper Sticker

I posted this yesterday, only to discover I had MISSPELLED it

so here it is again. Hope you like.

A Brady Bunch HAHA!

The hair that is a force of nature.

You Go, JK! "I didn't build this on my own."


“I worked extremely hard... I take credit for the work. But I received a free education. I received free health care... I’m unapologetic about saying this,” she added. “I had pneumonia when my daughter was under one year old. If we hadn’t had free health care in this country, God only knows what would have happened to either of us. I am proud of having done what I’ve done. Very proud. But. I do take issue – and this does go to the heart of this book, which is why I have to say it—with anyone who truly feels it’s a 100 percent down to them.”

97 Percent Of Republicans Use Government Social Programs: Survey



When asked about participating in specific government social programs, 97 percent of Republicans and 98 percent of Democrats say they have taken part in a government program of some kind, according to a 2008 survey run by the Cornell Survey Research Institute. Not just one or two either; the survey found that people had used around five social policies on average.

The thing is, more than half the country denies having used a government program at all.

Those findings are of particular interest now, after a Mitt Romney fundraising video leaked, one in which he called the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes “dependent on government.” This survey’s findings show that those Americans who pay income taxes are also benefitting from government assistance in some form, even if they are not fully aware of it.


Philosophraptor asks..

This will SO make your day! Nicknames for Mitt....

I figured he would be, like, a "Skippy," "Stinky," or "Porky" at Cranbrook. Turns out he was called:

"Fancy Cheesebag"


YES! I am a concern troll! My ONLY concern: DON'T BE COMPLACENT! VOTE!

Yes, the polls look great. The President's message may be getting across. Please don't let this good fortune become a reason to let up. Please don't get over-confident. Please don't stay home on election day, and don't let any other Democrat you know do so either.

Lest we forget, it's a post Diebold-photo-ID-law-Koch-Brothers-Super-Pac-Citizens-United country now, and Republicans are on the defensive. We must get fired up! We should engage our friends when appropriate, and we should (politely, of course) make it clear that we're not going to put up with any right wing bullshit. We must be ever vigilant of any con-artist voter registration drives or poll shenanigans. We should offer to give people who need one a ride to the polls, and make sure that everyone, particularly our seniors and college students, understand what they need in order to vote and make sure they have the proper ID and know where to go. And make sure they mail (have mailed) their absentee ballots.

There is too much at stake. A Romney/Ryan White House will only create wealth for those who already have it. The rest of us will have to fend for ourselves. President Obama is doing what he can to bring back our once vibrant middle class and help the less fortunate rise in station. We need him in office for a second term.

And this is what the campaign is about.

I realize "Bronzergate" is past its sell-by.

The make up artist apparently has 25 years of experience in the field. I can honestly say I know NOTHING about applying make up and would make anyone look like a clown if I had to do the job. However, I've watched enough ANTM to know that if one has applied so much bronzer that the area around the client's eyes is a different color than the rest of their face so as to make them look like a raccoon in reverse, one has overdone it. Not only that, but I would imagine a professional with 25 years of experience could determine this while the person was still in the makeup chair.

I suppose it's just wishful thinking to speculate on whether harmless-but -effective moments of strategic sabotage perpetrated by the masses actually exist, but after the waiter recorded mitt's fundraiser remarks, I figure anything's possible.

I do know this: more people talked about Bronzer than they did Mitt.

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