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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,463

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Chicken is supposed to be FUN!

Shame on you, Chick Fil-A, for taking the FUN out of the FUN CHICKEN.

Loving every minute of it!

Isn't it just grand that Obama doesn't have to say ANYTHING about Romney's Londonderry Errs? The British press and the Twittosphere will say it all for him.

Meanwhile, the graceful-beyond-compare First Lady, without uttering one word of offense toward the Romney campaign, steals his bungled news cycle and places it back where it belongs....ON THE OLYMPICS.

"Yeah, mate. That's more like it."

I must say that I find myself intrigued by this "Steampunk" Aesthetic.

I started to notice it around 2007. It seems like a natural progression of "Goth" churned through the culture of the Harry Potter generation, who are now entering college.

Let's face it: Romney went all "Pip, Pip, Tally-ho!" on the UK and they ain't buyin' it.

All that's left is to yell "Yeah, Baby, Yeah!", remind them of the Revolution, choose the "wrong" football team, call Her Majesty the Queen "the Old Girl," or imply that the Brits were nothing until the Yanks arrived in WWII.

I mean, seriously.

Let's see: Venture into a foreign country and then question how they handle their own security...

meanwhile, "campaign adviser" gets a bad case of WASP right in front of the British press, who weren't surprised in the least that America hadn't gotten "past that."

All in all, I'd say it was a smashing day, what?
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