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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,469

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Happy New Year to All! A new song of mine that's free to download.

Please give it a K&R if you like. Thanks!


In keeping with the season, my new song is about love and support, and it is free to download.


Thanks to all who will listen and K&R, and thanks to all of you who support independent music.


A Pre-emptive STFU, Ted.

Terrible Ted, you haven't started in yet, but someone's bound to ask you the question that will bring forth your particular brand of bile. So here's a polite-in-advance request:

CAN IT.....for a little while, at least.

For the next few days, PLEASE consider a "no comment out of respect to the families" when asked about the murders. Don't put out a Press release. Don't use this as an excuse for your bully pulpit. No one wants to hear you rant and rave this time. No one cares about the 2nd amendment. The NRA is, at long last, becoming a thing to re-consider now.

This wasn't a "well regulated militia," Jackass. This was 20 kids. Not a one of them was even 10 years old.

Wango that up your Tango, Teddy.

3rd time within 7 months, if I'm not mistaken. "Columbine" is now a verb.

CO, OR, and now CT. Let's not forget VA TECH, Norway.....shall I go on?

Same general M.O.

If anyone has any insight, please feel free.

I got nothing.

Overeating is killing us more than hunger


It's a worldwide first: Today, eating too much is more of a health threat than food shortages. On a global scale, overeating costs more years of healthy life than does undernutrition, according to a massive new study. The Global Burden of Disease 2010 report compares illnesses and causes of death in 1990 with those in 2010, and it's "the most comprehensive assessment of human health in the history of medicine," says the editor of the journal publishing the study.


eveything paul is doing is in the original key. I want to scream like 1964 12 year old.

I swear there is a set of vocal cords getting older in an attic somewhere.
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