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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
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George Zimmerman sells autographed "thank you" cards to raise money.


The New George Zimmerman Defense Fund, at George's request, will begin sending Thank You Cards to people who have contributed to the Defense Fund,” says the site. “Each card will be personally signed by George. The identity of all donors will continue to be kept strictly confidential, and the envelope of the Thank You Cards will not have any reference to Mr. Zimmerman or the O'Mara Law Group.”

Funny that: GOP Talking head on MSNBC: Attack Susan Rice.....conveniently recommend John Kerry.

It even became a by-line right after he said it, which makes one rub one's chinny-chin-chin.

Anyone else remember that moment in Wayne's World 2 when Chris Walken catches on to

Wayne and Garth's "Asphinctersayswhat?" prank?

Well....ya know......

Just sayin'.

OMG "Linsday Graham is McCain's Mini-Me"...on the Ed show.

Bob Shrum just now.


Hil is on it.

SoS to travel to Middle East


Kids Know: 8th grader called election.



But so did Sophia McCrimmon, an eighth-grader at Chickahominy Middle School in Mechanicsville, Va., who entered her prediction on Sept. 14 — weeks before Obama’s famous first debate.

“I figured Obama was going to win every state he won in 2008 except for North Carolina and Indiana,” she explained in an ­e-mail after being told she was a winner of the In the Loop Presidential Election Contest.


From September, 2012 - John Talbott:


Apologies if it's a dupe, but I think this is a good article and merits a re-post.

Check out these tables:

I know this is low and I challenge anyone who disagrees to try living on $2,000 a month for a while and to feed and clothe a family. But, let's call it the bare necessities and see what it means for American families.

If you subtract this $2,000 a month or $24,000 per year from the various quintiles' incomes, the following pre-tax disposable incomes result;

And here are the actual average taxes paid by quintile;

Elephant in the room Question to businesses that screw their employees over Obamacare.

If Romney had won, would you automatically have announced that you were hiring new workers and creating more full time jobs because Obamacare was going to be eliminated?

The "elephant in the room" as we roll our eyes at "Real Housewives of Tampa" and it's not funny....

to me at all. If I were Diane Feinstein, or even John Boehner, I'd want an answer. In my opinion, this counters every conservative talking point regarding the investigation of Patraeus.

In every story I've read about the investigation, somewhere down in the 8th paragraph there is at least one spokesperson willing to ask why the affair even came to light to begin with, given the fact that there were no federal laws broken.

I want it to go one step further.

I want to know why it was leaked to a GOP lawmaker in the days just before the election, and after the investigation was all-but-closed and had revealed no wrong-doing; leaked by a guy with a "conservative world view" who was known to be passionate about the case even though he wasn't assigned to it; passionate, in particular, about the political ramifications of its slow progress; passionate to the point that he had to be spanked for becoming inappropriately involved in the case. Did Humpheries expect them to clarify it first, or did he expect them to confront Holder and the WH? Leak it to the press? Given the lack of national security concerns, what was his endgame? I don't care if my tin foil hat is on too tight. I want to know if Humphries was single-handedly trying to tilt the election.

One could argue that it might not have had much of an effect, but I disagree. Remember, despite the outcome and Nate Silver's brilliant prognostication, , this election was labeled a photo finish horse race by the press. Close enough to steal. If the affair had come out on Halloween or Friday, 11/02, Romney and his vultures might've had time to jump on the phony Benghazi connection, and many voters might have been confused by the conflicting stories of sex and national security concerns. There's a chance that no one would have had time to process it and see the difference between "having sex" and "committing a federal crime." If you don't believe me, go back and look at how the story unraveled in the press. "Why wasn't the WH told?" went up against conflicting cries of "There's no way the WH didn't know!" all the way up until this past Wednesday.



You know what, John McCain? I want to know if Big Shirtless Fred was trying to rig an October Surprise by spilling the beans about a classified investigation hoping to confuse voters and the apoplectic press with a great big pseudo-scandal at the 11th hour.

"Gifts?" He ALMOST won, folks. The fight is not over, but I think we're armed this time. n/t

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