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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 03:16 PM
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Would someone please be honest with me as I've been purposefully out of the loop....

I'll admit it; like many others, after the 1st Presidential debate I was worried because the press and the polls were all "Oooooh Mitt's hot right now. I wonder if he has a boyfriend?"

I decided that the heart palpitations weren't worth it and starting the following Monday I went on a news / internet blackout. I EVEN FORGOT ABOUT THE VP DEBATE! Now, I have been gently weaning myself back in to the fray. I am SO HOPING THINGS are better after the last news cycle. Here's what I gather:

1. The October 5 jobs report hasn't been as big a story as "Dazzling Mitt," but it hasn't been forgotten either. It appears to me that, as the fog of the debate cleared, the jobs report story did indeed help because some headlines indicated as such.

2. Even though Mitt closed a large gap, the swing state polls finally leveled out to show that, indeed, mitt gained, but the President didn't lose any ground.

3. I still have been too afraid to take a stroll outside the liberal bubble and see, but it appears that the VP debate was a knock-down-drag-out with Joe left standing AND that the general consensus is that Joe cleaned his clock AND that the immediate aftermath is that President Obama got a bump from it. I realize it's too early to tell about the VP debate right now, but that is the general feeling.

4. I am ashamed to say I just found out about "Sensata" but I don't understand its significance.

SO.....I am holding my breath and gulping as I ask these questions:

1. Please as honestly as you can, tell me that if I were to travel outside of TPMdailykossDUrawstory land, will I find the above conclusions to be the general message in the MSM, or have they completely abandoned the President, OR is it too soon to tell? 2. Was the VP debate good for us? Was that also the general consensus in the press and in the Twittersphere? 3. Is Sensata a thing in the real world yet?

Thanks, DU.


thanks to this DU'er for making the connection:


Yet another truth as seen on FB.

If this so-called socialism is so bad, how is it you still have millions?

Another elephant in the room.

One of my best friends just bought a new car and said the NEW car lots have been BUSY...

and he should know because he's been shopping for about a month or so. Of course this is anecdotal and it may not mean anything, but it's one first hand account from a friend who could easily have said that the lots were like a ghost town, not to mention the fact that there are deals aplenty to be had right now if you're in the market.

If nothing else, I am keeping a good thought that it means good things for consumer confidence.

Instead of worrying, let's fight hard. Here's some good news.


Obama and Democrats raise record funds, Polls hold Steady


The Democratic president is ahead of his challenger on character attributes that can win over undecided voters who have not been swayed on tangible policy points, according to the online poll.

On the broad question of who they will vote for in November, Obama kept his 2 percentage point lead among likely voters - 47 percent to 45 percent - in the online survey.


the debate proved mitt can run his mouth. the jobs report proved the President puts...

his money where is mouth is.

off the mat.

The GOP won't be happy until we're the poorest country on earth with the biggest army.

New Bumper Sticker

I posted this yesterday, only to discover I had MISSPELLED it

so here it is again. Hope you like.

A Brady Bunch HAHA!

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