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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 04:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,474

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The thing I don't understand about Congressional Republicans

trump is bad JuJu, plain and simple. He's toxic to the party and their "brand". A number of them privately despise him, a number of them fear him, but there isn't one of them who wouldn't admit that their jobs would've been a lot easier if he hadn't gotten the nomination.

So it begs the question; Given the breadth of trump's scandalous affairs, his dubious character, his corruption, his recklessness, and his unwillingness to shut up, why don't they cut their losses, help impeach, and just go with Pence? Of course, WE all know that Pence is bad news, but he is indeed more "Their kind" of president. They'd still get their Supreme Court and their vile conservative legislation, and I'm sure he'd be malleable when they need him to be. Why does it not occur to them? Why does that ignorant hairdo have such control over them?


WTF with this Asshat! trump weighs in on Notre Dame


As a catastrophic inferno tore through a cultural treasure, President Donald Trump assessed the response from 4,000 miles away and offered unsolicited advice for firefighters trying to save Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral.

“Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out,” Trump tweeted from Air Force One, minutes before landing in Minnesota for a Tax Day speech. “Must act quickly!”

Trump’s armchair observations were striking, even for a president who seems to offer an opinion about just about everything.

Just hours before, Trump had weighed in on Boeing’s ongoing troubles after two crashes of its new airliner, suggesting a rebranding campaign is in order for the beleaguered 737 Max, and he’d spent the previous day commentating on professional golf as Tiger Woods overcame long odds to win the Masters on Sunday.


I thought it was a satire.

"I feel white men have done alot for this country and this legislature"

Senator Vicki Marble (R-CO) votes against equal pay resolution



"I just can't take part in something that is so focused against a white man because frankly I feel white men have done a lot for this country and this legislature."


Foreign company loses bid to review Mueller subpoena


An unnamed foreign government-owned corporation will have to turn over information that was related to the special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to federal prosecutors or continue to accrue escalating fines after the Supreme Court denied the company's request to hear its appeal on Monday.

The Supreme Court's order marks the last stop for the company that has been fighting the subpoena under the shroud of secrecy. It was issued without comment or any noted dissents.


While the US is riding in the go cart of destiny, Canada has its own political problem


They are accusing the PM of interfering in a lawsuit by pressuring for a settlement. I hope there is nothing to this.

I have a feeling that the lady behind Cohen's left shoulder with the Farrah hair will become a meme

Her reactions are priceless. Does anyone know who she is?

Dems to Probe Flynn-backed effort to sell Nuclear power to Saudi Arabia



The report says Harvey overrode staff warnings and promoted the nuclear project pitched by IP3 International, a private company founded by former US generals. Flynn previously advised an IP3 subsidiary, IronBridge Group. The Democrats' report also claims that Flynn's deputy, KT McFarland, continued to raise the proposal even after these warnings, triggering career officials to report her comments to NSC lawyers.


"We're hunkered under the bed here in Los Angeles..."


BTW, Another mass shooting in Illinois. There's your emergency. n/t

A Reminder ....Pecker has a safe

Ari Melber just talking about the National Enquirer fiasco.

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