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The meme that never gets old.

So they got Clint Eastwood. Fabulous. The meme has more legs than the actual speech.

The majority of the stories in the MSM about Clint's headscratcher are about how "weird," "surreal," and "unscripted" the speech was, and, along with the questionable veracity of Ryan's acceptance speech, "The old man and the chair" is currently trending higher than Romney's appearance.

edited to add: the more ridiculous this is made to look, the more forgettable the message, such that it is, will become.








Hurricanes: The fear is now always at the top.

Back in the days of Hurricane Isabelle, it was easy to go to the Weather Channel online and click on the "projected path" of any given storm. The projected path would be simply laid out in that traditional "cone of impact" graphic.

Well I guess they caught on that most people weren't watching ads and only needed to know the most pertinent information: "Will the storm hit us and, if so, when?" because the "projected path" menu option seems to be gone and it's all about Hi tech graphics and videos under the guise of a "TROPICS UPDATE." For example, one must now endure a breathless "up to the minute late breaking" video to find out what is happening with two other storms in the Atlantic, Kirk and Leslie.

While dramatic "Storm Catcher Action Music" chugs underneath, the guy proceeds to talk about how powerful the storms are expected to get, like it was whale watching or something.

Only at the end of the report about each storm do we find out that neither is expected to be a threat to the US because of some kind of jet stream that's expected to blow them out into the North Atlantic.

Nope....can't just click a graphic to find that out anymore. Gotta get everyone all good and apprehensive first.

The fear is now always at the top.

OMG! Even Fox is calling out Paul Ryan!



The good news is that the Romney-Ryan campaign has likely created dozens of new jobs among the legions of additional fact checkers that media outlets are rushing to hire to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan’s mouth. Said fact checkers have already condemned certain arguments that Ryan still irresponsibly repeated.

Fact: While Ryan tried to pin the downgrade of the United States’ credit rating on spending under President Obama, the credit rating was actually downgraded because Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling.

Fact: While Ryan blamed President Obama for the shut down of a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, the plant was actually closed under President George W. Bush. Ryan actually asked for federal spending to save the plant, while Romney has criticized the auto industry bailout that President Obama ultimately enacted to prevent other plants from closing.


"The president who must not be named"


Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright turned heads last week by saying that Democrats could very well blame George W. Bush's presidency forever for the nation's problems.

Republicans cried foul, arguing that it was well past time to move on from the former president. After all, they've basically expunged him from their memories.

The Bush name and legacy are noticeably absent from the 2012 Republican convention. The former president unceremoniously announced he was skipping the affair months ago. Dick Cheney, the former vice president who remains more revered among the core national-security minded conservative set, isn't speaking, either. Bush's brother, Jeb, the former Republican governor of Florida, will address the crowd. As will Bush's former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. But they're expected to address specific policy issues, mainly education, rather than defend their brethren and their former boss.


Cool King Crimson Mural

might be photo shopped, but awesome none the less.

Oh, Mitt. That wasn't even a dog whistle. Humans could actually hear it.

Corporations are people-gate, Londongate, Israelgate, Taxgate, Baingate, Akingate, Birthergate..

Ryan-gate, Ann-gate, Seamusgate / with a gate gate here and a gate there


OL' Mitt Romney had a campaign / EE - EY - EE - EY- O

Do you know the royal face palm the rest of the world will give the US if Thurston and Lovey get in the WH?



If it hasn't already been done, there it is.

Sources: Akin may not really be in race for good

Source: CBS


Akin pledged to carry on with his quest to unseat Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri. But his bid faced tall obstacles: a lack of money, a lack of party support and no assurance that his apologies would be enough to heal a self-inflicted political wound.

And sources tell CBS News his decision may not be final, reports CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews.


But, says Andrews, "Two sources tell CBS News Aiken's real strategy here is to hang tough -- for now -- and see if that wins enough money and support to stay in the race. In others words-- his final decision to stay in--may not be final."


Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57497874/sources-akin-may-not-really-be-in-race-for-good/
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