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Member since: Wed Aug 24, 2005, 04:16 PM
Number of posts: 5,474

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Yeah...that's because there's no elegant way to call half the country a bunch of freeloading bums.

Romney's response: Comments "not elegantly stated, and off the cuff."

(no link yet)

How in the Sam Hill is he going to be able to walk this one back?

I swear, It is Mr. Howell and "Lovey" up in there. Will people PLEASE open their eyes?


"Mittastrophe" (Mit-TA-stru-fee) Noun: A political blunder so horrific as to reveal the true nature of a candidate.

WaPo Headline: "Romney Campaign faces Distractions"

Uhm, the campaign's major distraction is the CANDIDATE.



In light of this latest "Atrocity-in-the-name-of-God," this seemed fitting.

I wrote and produced this myself a few years ago.


Part of a full concept album:


Has anyone actually seen the trailer for this movie?

I just watched it on Youtube. I will not post it here. It's not hard to find.

I found myself desperately looking for the "Funny or Die" or "The Onion" logo SOMEWHERE on the page.

Costumes that look like they were made for a Sunday school holiday pageant gone awry, sets that are obviously blue screened, and we can't really discuss "acting," can we? I'd disassociate myself from it, too.

Believe me, none of this is funny. To think that a movie that makes Steven Seagal's made-for-DVD fare look like Fellini could cause such mass devastation? If that's to be the case, then the world has gone completely round the twist.

And don't even forget this gem...."You Talk About Things You Think Are Important"

RE: Afghanistan


Today's tragedy proves it.

This is no longer just a clash of ideologies. It's a matter of competence, work ethic, diplomacy, courage, calm under fire, poise, professionalism, humor, cleverness, and confidence. The President is not perfect, but he does have all of these attributes.

The other one is a tool. He has none of the above. He doesn't know SHIT about running a state, much less a country. The only thing he knows how to do is make money.......for people who already have money. Here's the dirty little secret: It's easy to make money if you already have lots of it. Therefore, this is not an attribute.

Make no mistake: America is just that stupid. We've been there before. I don't care if it costs me friends. I'm not listening to any of their bullshit. I'm tired of hearing about the undecideds. How in the hell can anyone not see through this phony RailRoad ticket?

But neither am I going to live inside the "liberal bubble" and pretend that the press in the real world isn't desperately trying to make the race appear closer than it is by engaging in "he said/he said" tactics JUST SO THEY CAN SELL PAPERS AND AD SPACE.

We live in a fucked up world where money can decide elections. If that's the only way to fight "Big Corporate," so be it. I donated what I could to the "Obama 2012" campaign. It's the least I could do. I am not going to tell anyone else what they should do, but that's my small part.

It's time to energize and mobilize.

In memory of my friend who died in the Twin Towers.

"Then Richard Blood, 36, an Aon insurance broker, walked into the meeting and told the group there had been an explosion in the building next door and everyone had to leave. Parisi bolted from the room before he finished speaking.

I hope I don't get in trouble, she thought as she ran to the fire stairs in her high heels.

The insurance executives grumbled. Many had come from out of town to hear Wieman pitch them on writing insurance for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical maker. But Blood was politely persistent. " 'I'm the fire marshal for the floor. I can't go until you go, and I want to go. So come on, everybody,' " Dittmar recalls him saying. "And he said it with a smile."



2 Snaps and a Circle!

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