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Why did DOJ settle $ laundering case with attorney at center of Russiagate?



Russian mobsters allegedly stole $230 million and hid some of the cash in New York City real estate. Also sure to come up was the suspicious death of the Russian lawyer who exposed the alleged fraud, though US prosecutors weren't alleging that the defendants were behind it.
The trial was set to start on Monday, but late Friday night, federal prosecutors in New York announced they settled the case with Prevezon, the company accused of buying up "high-end commercial space and luxury apartments" with laundered money.
The abrupt conclusion has some involved in the trial wondering why this Russian investigation had been cut short.


ex soviet counter intelligence officer was in the room with don jr


The Russian lawyer who met with the Trump team after a promise of compromising material on Hillary Clinton was accompanied by a Russian-American lobbyist — a former Soviet counter intelligence officer who is suspected by some U.S. officials of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence, NBC News has learned.

NBC News is not naming the lobbyist, who denies any current ties to Russian spy agencies. He accompanied the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower attended by Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

The Russian-born American lobbyist served in the Soviet military and emigrated to the U.S., where he holds dual citizenship.

(there's your 6th person. and jr conveniently didn't remember it either.)

This SO reminds me of something.

here's why comey wouldn't tell the world trump was under investigation



I explained that we had briefed the leadership of Congress on exactly which individuals we were investigating and that we had told those Congressional leaders that we were not personally investigating President Trump. I reminded him I had previously told him that. He repeatedly told me, “We need to get that fact out.” (I did not tell the President that the FBI and the Department of Justice had been reluctant to make public statements that we did not have an open case on President Trump for a number of reasons, most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change.)

We put the critical part there in bold: Comey didn’t want to create “a duty to correct.”

What does that mean? We spoke with Joseph Lewis, who spent 27 years with the bureau before retiring in 2004 as deputy assistant director for the FBI’s organized crime branch.

“Once you make that a story to the public,” Lewis said, “if it turns out that it’s not accurate or not true, then depending on how public you went with it, then you have to go back and try to clean things up.” In other words, if Comey said publicly that Trump was not under investigation, then if Trump were to become a focus of that investigation, Comey would feel an obligation to make that change public as well.


Inside trump's anger and impatience, and his sudden decison to fire Comey

Very interesting time line.



trump had long questioned Comey’s loyalty and judgment, and was infuriated by what he viewed as the director’s lack of action in recent weeks on leaks from within the federal government. By last weekend, he had made up his mind: Comey had to go. (well, that and the Russia thing, according to his interview with Lester Holt.)


trump was angry that Comey would not support his baseless claim that President Barack Obama had his campaign offices wiretapped. trump was frustrated when Comey revealed in Senate testimony the breadth of the counterintelligence investigation into Russia’s effort to sway the 2016 U.S. presidential election. And he fumed that Comey was giving too much attention to the Russia probe and not enough to investigating leaks to journalists.


In the weeks leading up to Comey’s firing, trump administration officials had repeatedly urged the FBI to more aggressively pursue leak investigations, according to people familiar with the discussions. Administration officials sometimes sought to push the FBI to prioritize leak probes over the Russia interference case, and at other times urged the bureau to investigate disclosures of information that was not classified or highly sensitive and therefore did not constitute crimes, these people said.


Trump’s team did not have a full-fledged communications strategy for how to announce and then explain the decision. As Trump, who had retired to the residence to eat dinner, sat in front of a television watching cable news coverage of Comey’s firing, he noticed another flaw: Nobody was defending him.

DeVos: "It is not the education dept's. job to protect LGBTQ students."


U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Tuesday that her agency would not give federal funds to private schools that defy federal antidiscrimination laws. However, she suggested it is not the Department of Education’s job to prevent discrimination against students in cases in which federal antidiscrimination laws are murky, such as with LGBTQ students.

DeVos took part in a contentious hearing before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education on Tuesday morning. There, Democrats and Republicans hammered the secretary on the administration’s proposed budget, which would cut billions of dollars in funding for public education while increasing money to support school choice programs. The budget directs some of this funding toward helping students attend private and religious schools.

While under questioning from Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), DeVos wouldn’t definitively say whether private schools receiving federal funds would be punished for religious discrimination or discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students. She maintained that these schools would be required to follow federal antidiscrimination laws, but said the Department of Education would not be issuing any directives beyond that.

Pence used personal AOL account for state business as governor...and was hacked.


Vice President Mike Pence used a private AOL account to conduct official business in his former position as the governor of Indiana, according to public records. And at one point, the account was hacked and used to send fraudulent emails seeking money from his contacts.

Pence used the account to communicate with advisers about issues including homeland security in Indiana and the security of the gates at the governor's mansion, The Indianapolis Star reports.

The newspaper says it obtained 29 pages of email records from current Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb's office in response to a public records request.

Under Indiana law, public officials are allowed to use personal email accounts — and the practice can help them avoid using official accounts to conduct political business. As the Star notes, the law is "generally interpreted" to require public officials to save any emails related to official business in order to follow open records laws. A Pence spokesman says the vice president complied with that requirement.

Anyone remember the movie "Soapdish"?

It came out in 1991 and it skewered daytime soap operas. Spoiler alert: There is a great scene where Sally Field's character is about to have a breakdown because she feels like a forgotten has-been, and her close friend and confidante, a writer (played by Whoopie Goldberg), suggests she go "across the bridge" to the Paramus mall where Whoopie will pretend to be a shopper who'll "recognize" Sally Field the soap star on an escalator, causing a minor autograph-seeking fan flurry, just enough of which gives Sally Field's character a strong dose of a much-needed "fame fix".

That's what this weekend's Florida re-election rally was all about for trump.

Seen on FB: "You can't comb over racism and hate." n/t

I am sure this has already been posted, but Ivanka's clothes are apparently made in China.




even teen vogue knows:

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