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So we went to Asheville today.

We were celebrating an occasion and just wanted to walk around, look at some art, get something to eat outside.

Turns out that they have a city-wide mask mandate, vaccinated or not. Most of the people we saw were masked unless they were sitting down eating. Most of the stores have a box of masks at the entrance with signs saying not to come in if you don't have a mask on.

Well, we went into this one jewelry store. I don't care for the jewelry, but there's a cat who's quite cute and friendly. The owner, artist, whatever she calls herself wasn't masked. We petted the cat for a minute and then my husband said, "I assume you're vaccinated, then?" She snarled, "That's personal health information!" and turned around in a huff, never to speak to us again. We did say goodbye when we left and she didn't reply.

But now I'm mad at myself for not saying, "No, that's actually public health information because we're in a pandemic. Your vaccination status combined with your refusal to wear a mask will likely affect people you don't even know. If you gave a flying fuck, you'd at least be covering your unvaccinated mouth to protect your potential customers, as is currently required." Alas, I'm just not quick on my feet.

It sort of put me in a mood, particularly since we go to Asheville to escape the ignorance we live among. For the most part, it's quite progressive. But this was a big slap in the face for me.

I'm sorely tempted to write a scathing review on Yelp because of her lack of respect for the local laws, as well as her lack of concern for her fellow human beings... not to mention that her stuff is overpriced and nothing special, and she's a rude bitch whose beautiful cat deserves a better mom.

So that's my rant. Hold me.

UPDATE: OK, I did it! I wrote my Yelp review. I hope it protects someone. Thanks for all your replies and support! You helped me do the right thing!

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