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Thank you for helping me name my kitten!


You had such marvelous suggestions! I tried them all out on her in every combination. The one that eventually stuck came from MissHoneychurch. It's not as fancy as some I had considered. But she responds to it and it somehow fits her. It definitely rolls off the tongue and is almost as fast as she is. The way she comes running when I call her, it's obvious that there isn't time for more than two syllables.

I think the vet's office will have an easy enough time spelling it, even though it's a slightly different spelling from what is usually used around here. They definitely will be able to pronounce it. (If not, it's time for a new veterinarian!)

Finally, it was a challenge to find a name that didn't sound like one we had already used: Kyra, Belle, Sam, Sheba, Simon, Sidney, Sarabi, Sunny, Sebastian, Sparky, Sashka, Sabrina, Sierra, Sassy, Serengeti, Sesame, Sophie, and Satchmo. And it's not the name of pets we know, like Sapphire, Sadie, and Savannah.

So here's the moment you've been waiting for. Her new name is Sissi! It's simple, yet perfect, with multiple meanings and origins.

I meant to respond to all of your suggestions and I gave it the old college try. However, our house has been absolute mayhem since Sissi came. Sierra, the former baby, didn't speak to me the first day. Kyra, my brother's old sailboat kitty, hisses and walks away but is otherwise fine. She told me when Sierra came to live with us that she really doesn't like kids, but she'll put up with them and eventually play with them. She and Sierra are friends now. I'm hoping they'll let Sissi into their little sister club.

So again, thank you! DU rocks! You rock!


I like that. Sassy was my first kitty ever, so I can't use that name again.

Yes, she is on her way right now ... which is why you didn't hear from me.

Help name my kitten?

Foster failure ... part Siamese, enough for her to be really vocal. She's about 3 months old. Tabby points. Very smart. I've met her and she already loves me. The feeling's mutual. We'd prefer an unusual but easy to pronounce name beginning with S.

This is your pet challenge for the day.


Here are some pics.


We named her Sissi. Three of us had to agree. I loved all the suggestions! Thank you so much!
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