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Looking for a thread

A day or so ago, someone posted a video at a hair salon ... buckets of water being dumped on the client, etc. It was funny. Can't remember if it was in the Lounge or GD. I'm not very good at searching DU and can't remember much of the thread title. Can anyone help?

I was texting with my hairdresser today and told her I'd send it if I could find it.

And, no, we're not going to get our haircuts done anytime soon.


Some perspective on testing.

I live in a county with just over 69,000 residents. According to the TN's DOH website, we have 35 total cases as of today. There have been 349 negative labs. State-wide, we have 7,238 cases and 93,451 negative labs out of a population of 6.829 million. Our governor is going to open the state on May 1. And he has said that anyone who wants to be tested can be tested, which is actually a lie. You have to be experiencing a specific set of symptoms in order to be tested.

Anyone see a problem with any of this?

We're signing our new wills this week.

We did all the work with the attorney via Zoom and email. And we'll do a drive-thru sort of signing, with gloves and masks and back doors. He's as afraid of this thing as we are, which is somehow comforting. It means he's being careful.

Still, it's pretty sad that we feel the urgency so intensely.

I know this isn't the biggest problem we face now.

But exactly what is the problem with stores and online sites keeping things in stock?

Is it the hoarding? Why does everyone suddenly need so much rice, chili powder, oatmeal, you know ... stuff you might have in your pantry? I get that we're using more vinyl gloves. But seriously, coffee? Are we drinking that much more coffee?

I'm just trying to do my normal shopping. I'm not stocking up on anything, which might be stupid but it's the way I roll. (I hate clutter.) But nothing is available. We still can't buy alcohol or aloe vera gel, and we've been trying online and locally for several weeks now. Isn't there some point where people have enough and then the rest of us can get some?

Yes, this is a tiny, tiny thing compared to what the doctors and nurses and infected and grieving people are going through. Still, the stress we're all going through is real. And frustrating. And scary, because we know that even if we can find stuff to buy, just touching it might get us sick ... which is why I go through the extra work of washing absolutely everything that comes into the house with soapy water.

Are we going to get to where we just can't buy anything? Is that why people are hoarding stuff? Am I just too naive?

Is anyone else just really tired?

I suffer from fatigue on a good day. But this year I'm having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. The daily energy-suck of this administration, worrying about nuclear war, whether the repugs will let MF45 skate for his crimes (they did), the economy, the virus, the election, all are very draining.

It's hard to exercise, but I've worked out every single day for over 3 years. It's my "I don't give a shit about anything else" time. And I cook and garden and do other things to distract myself. Right now, I'm sewing masks. And it helps to do something even when I don't have the energy. Just stay away from heavy machinery.

I sleep well most nights, and I wake up feeling pretty good for just a split second, until my waking brain reminds me that we are in a worse nightmare than I ever imagined on that horrible day in 2016 when it was clear that we would have a monster in our White House who would endanger the lives of every one of us over at least the next 4 years. I don't post on FB anymore, but I did put my photo as just a black square on day 1 and vowed to leave it like that until our country got back on its right footing.

This year was supposed to be a good one. It was the year we paid off our mortgage, our daughter is graduating with her master's degree, and our friends were going to visit us from Germany. Well, we did pay off the mortgage, which is a good thing. Daughter is likely graduating, although she's been learning and teaching from home for several weeks. The award she earned will not be presented at a banquet, and she won't have a graduation ceremony. Normally, we would be celebrating. We couldn't even have a beer with her when she passed her oral exams yesterday. Our friends can't visit. Even before coronavirus, it was not worth the risk while people were being turned around at someone's whim because of all the shit that comes out of the orange anus. And I'm still nervous about the election delivering another 4 years of this. I've learned not to ever ask how much worse it can get.

Yet, we still have an income and we're still healthy. Everyone we know still has an income and is still healthy. We are thankful for that. Still, it feels as if we'll never get out of this rabbit hole and it's exhausting. We grieve for those who have lost loved ones and are intensely aware of how much the last thing they need is social distancing. We are aware that even before this, so many families were one paycheck away from disaster and now they have that disaster.

It's just all so much. And it's making me more fatigued than ever.
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