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Member since: Fri Aug 19, 2005, 09:23 AM
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Email from Senator Lamar Alexander

I receive all emails from my so-called reps. It's really hard to open and read them because of how horrible they are. Everything would be just fine if the Democrats would just step in line. I don't even have the stomach to read Marsha Blackburn's latest screed.

I'll spare you the whole thing and just include the parts illustrating how these monsters are blatantly sowing division. Yes, I write to them, but what I get back is basically a pat on the head.

It's really hard to stay optimistic when I read the spin.

Senate Democrats block largest pay raise for military service members, including those at Fort Campbell, since 2010

This week, Senate Democrats, for their own political reasons, blocked funding for the largest pay increase for our military in 10 years. The legislation would have also set record funding for our 17 national laboratories, which include Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the fifth consecutive year of increased funding for the National Institutes of Health, which researches and develops lifesaving treatments for Tennessee families. Democrats are plunging these departments into uncertainty that almost everyone agrees wastes taxpayer money.


Working to improve health care for Tennesseans

I often suggest Tennesseans look at Washington D.C. like a split screen television. On one side, you have the controversies of the day – Democrat impeachment and the president’s daily tweets. But on the other side, you’ll often see senators working together to achieve results for the American people. That has been the case for the Senate health committee I chair.


To celebrate Halloween, Senate Democrats have come up with a scary fairytale without an ounce of truth

Democrats are trying to trick Americans into thinking that giving states the ability to lower health insurance premiums could somehow undermine protections for pre-existing conditions, something federal law does not permit. The Trump administration has issued guidance that would allow states to use innovation to lower the cost of health insurance premiums. Democrats this week attempted to block state’s ability to innovate. Democrats should allow states to use the flexibility created by Obamacare to lower premiums and help millions of Americans have access to more affordable health insurance.
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