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barbtries's Journal
barbtries's Journal
January 30, 2016

i'm for the democrat.

i just want to say that upfront. i love bernie and have contributed to his campaign several times now, but when push comes to shove i am voting for the democrat. i live and vote in NC so my vote matters and i will vote for the democrat.

listening to NPR yesterday and they played a clip from the most recent republican debate; it was ted cruz talking about obamacare. A string of lies coming out of that crazy mouth like obscenities. Donald Trump who didn't show up because the woman offended him (when she asked the question that bothered him his response was that she must have been menstruating at the time!). Donald Trump the republican frontrunner who can hardly stop talking about himself long enough to discuss any issue and when he does it's all zenophobia and fear fear fear. Fiorina lies as overt and obscene as Cruz. i mean the entire fucking republican agenda is insane and even though some may say i'm hedging, i am saying i will do whatever i can to be sure the next president is the democrat.

i know hilary has lied and i know that when her back is up against the wall she (and/or her campaign) does not respond well. But please do not try to sell me the idea that she would be as bad as a republican! it is just not true. Obama has broken my heart and i still am behind him because at the end of the day i do believe he has done his level best for the country.

even if bernie wins, he will make decisions and hold beliefs that are not identical to my own. he's great talking about income equality, but what about endless war? nobody is perfect and nobody who holds the office of president is going to follow my personal edicts for the running of this country. but the democrat will come closest whether it's sanders, clinton, or even o'malley (who should probably have been given a greater opportunity to become well known).

Who will you vote for?

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I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.
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