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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 20,664

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

does anyone know

of a good live stream of the oscars? thank you.

i need help.

i work with a guy who's really great in many ways but ... libertarian more or less, but HATES Democrats. i want to counter two statements he has made and represented as fact to me.

the first has to do with his hatred of Democrats. when he told me this, he literally pulled out his wallet and tapped it, indicating that he believes totally that Democrats are nothing but "tax and spend" wastrels. he literally pulled out his wallet and pointed at it as he told me how much he hates Democrats.

i think i have seen charts that prove (in a variety of ways) how much better stewards of the economy democrats have always been. i would love to get hold of one of these especially one that illustrates the tax difference between republican and democratic presidents over the years.

the other is his claim, made today that the government is exploding under Obama. i totally do not believe this. i asked him for proof but he only stated that it's true even if i did call him a liar. i would like to show him he's mistaken.

i'm sure i'll get plenty of advice to give up. dude's actually one of my favorite people here at work. thank you all in advance for any assistance.

thank you Triangle DUers

i really enjoyed our meeting tonight, look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

my daughter-in-law is having brain surgery today.

positive thoughts, energy and prayers if you are so inclined are welcome.
prognosis extremely positive - it's a pituitary adenoma.
thanks DU.

TEN HOURS LATER: she's finally in recovery and doing well. you've all kept me company during this time - i'm so far away from them it's been really stressful. DU is wonderful, thank you all

NPR and Romney's tax rate

i was listening on my way home from work yesterday. throughout their entire piece reporting on the release of romney's taxes, they referred repeatedly to his rate as "just under 15%." not once did they offer the actual number.

now that's bad enough. i'm a single mother trying to get my son through college without crippling debt and i'm pretty sure that my "effective" tax rate is as high or higher than romney's, especially after adding in SS taxes, medicare, etc. and he is obscenely rich while i'm a struggling wage earner.

turns out that "just under 15%" was bullshit. much later, either here or watching TDS, i learned that romney's effective tax rate in 2010 was 13.9%.

that's "just under" 14% - why is NPR trying to make Romney out to be better than the motherfucking scumsucking greedmeister that he obviously is? why?

i gave up on corporate media years ago and there is so much i love about npr. but they are losing me. this kiss assing of the republicans is making me sick, sick, sick.

the protest goes on

at my favorite blog

i survived a day without DU. feel so virtuous.



does anyone know about bobbolink?

i think about her sometimes and just hope she's okay.

called to jury service twice in one day

once for the county in which i live, and once for DU!

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum

reporting as requested.
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