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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 20,666

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

Today's Moral Monday: VOTING RIGHTS

i may manage to get out there today. for DUers who already have, how long does it go on? i have to get there from Chapel Hill following work.

email from planned parenthood

Dear Supporters,

HB695, also known as the worst bill we've seen this legislative session for women's health, could reach the NC House of Representatives as soon as Tuesday, July 9. Together we can show legislators that we refuse to stand by as this corrosive bill becomes law. Thank you for speaking out and showing your support for Planned Parenthood.

Here's how you can take action (Share with friends!):

-Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network (PPAN) to receive our most current political updates and actions here.
-Donate to our Public Affairs efforts here.
-RSVP for Moral Monday Rally, July 8th at 4:45 pm. Remember to wear pink/purple.
-Urge Speaker Tillis and Gov. McCrory to reject HB695. Calls are very effective. If you get their voicemail, leave a message. If you don't get through, try until you do.

Call the Governor. Politely and succinctly ask the staff member who answers to tell the Governor to uphold his campaign promise not to support the passage of new abortion restrictions, including HB695. 919-814-2000.
Call Speaker Tillis. Politely and succinctly tell the staff member that you oppose HB695. This bill will now go back to the House for consideration. The more calls the Speaker gets, the less inclined will they be to take up the bill in its current form. 919-733-3451.
Email Gov. McCrory and Speaker Tillis here.

Thank you and keep fighting the good fight!

Amanda Fuquay Starkey
Development Associate
Planned Parenthood Health Systems

i plan to make some calls. i'll be out of town on monday but in Raleigh in spirit. i think i can get away with wearing purple that day!

some activists are singing

what do you think, NC DUers? is this state sunk for the foreseeable future, or is there any reason to hope this crazy republican train can be derailed?

Searching for Sugar Man

what a fabulous story. five star film. on netflix you have to get it by dvd so far. i just watched it and recommend it highly.

NC becomes 1st state to drop federal jobless funds

NC becomes 1st state to drop federal jobless funds

back on election day, someone on DU posted a happy thread about who the losers were. answers, mitt romney, whoever Elizabeth warren beat, etc. i responded with "the people of NC."
i knew then it was going to be bad, but i have to say i did not even know it would be this bad this fast. they are seriously going to destroy the beautiful state of north carolina. when my job wraps up here i'm going back home. it hurts to see what is happening in this state and feeling quite helpless. they are absolutely relentless and holding all the cards.

Go Texas!

i just watched Rachel's coverage of the proceedings and am so touched. i was out of town working this week and just catching up now. it is wonderful to see your state go BLUE and what you did for women in TX. i am so moved i am crying.

how can i get a new bumper sticker?

my car got totaled

melissa harris perry

spent some time on NC yesterday. it's online now

raleigh knows best.


i hope the fact that the News n Observer is reporting on this will wake up a lot of people and maybe just maybe rein in the republicans who have just gone apeshit with power.

• The Raleigh City Council and Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue worked out a lease deal, which included many community leaders who had been working for years to transfer the ground of the old Dorothea Dix mental hospital into a city park. The Senate Republicans said ‘Sorry, we don’t like the deal,’ and are currently in the process of blowing it up.

• For decades, Charlotte has run Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The legislature is now seizing control of the airport and setting up an independent regional authority. Raleigh knows best.

• Asheville’s water system is likely to be under the control of a Metropolitan Sewage district without compensation, despite protests from the city. Raleigh knows best.

• Consider the “Big Gulp” bill filed by three North Carolina lawmakers. They are seeking to block any North Carolina city or county from adopting a New York-style law banning the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Regardless of the merits of the issue, why is the legislature dictating to towns what laws it can pass regarding soft drinks? Raleigh knows best.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/04/20/2839185/christensen-column-big-government.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy

more at the link

North Carolina Lawmaker Forces Radio Show Off The Air After Hosts Criticized His Policies


i don't know how to use the link button, i tried it and nothing showed up.

great. now we can't even say anything they don't like.

i really wish i had the wherewithal to get out of here already.
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