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Current location: NC
Member since: Fri Aug 5, 2005, 08:14 AM
Number of posts: 21,042

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***HELP A DUER*** whose dog, Seven, needs surgery. Please keep this kicked! ($$$ UPDATES)

[font color="blue"]UPDATE #1: Sorry, no update on amount raised yet; I'm sure AtomicKitten will let me know as soon as she logs onto the computer this morning. The first update is that the auction of the beautiful jewelry, to raise funds for Seven, is now ready! See below for more info.

(1:20 PM EST): $600 raised so far!!!

UPDATE #3 (5:40 PM EST): $668 raised so far!!!

UPDATE #4 (as of 10:30 PM PST): $1030 !!!!! (It's Thursday; no more donations since this last update to my knowledge)

I don't anticipate any more updates financially; I think the fundraiser topped out around $1078. Atomic Kitten is now shopping for better rates for the surgery and believes she may have found a clinic or two to work with at a reasonable rate ($1100). She will let us know after Seven has had surgery and will give us a progress report.
[/font color]

[font color="brown"](I was previously given permission by Skinner to post periodically about http://www.wishadoo.org, especially when it involves DUers, with this required disclaimer: "The administrators of Democratic Underground have given permission for one discussion thread on this topic. The administrators of Democratic Underground make no claims regarding the legitimacy or illegitimacy of this fundraising effort. Permission was granted by Skinner on 8/6/2010, and the moderators have been notified." [/font]

If you're not familiar with Wishadoo, please see my journal for previous posts.

[font color="green"][font size="+2"]Long-time DUer, AtomicKitten, needs help for her precious, Seven. [/font color][/font size]

Please see this WISHLIST POST, which includes a link to a PayPal account being used to collect funds for an excisional biopsy. Please also feel free to contact her here at DU or Wishadoo with questions.

(Remember that you don't have to have a PayPal account to help; your debit or credit card will work just fine. Also, it seems PayPal works differently for every single account. If you have the option to select "Personal" and then "other," that should eliminate any fees.)

If there are other forums here at DU where this can be shared, would you please do so for me? Thanks.

Please Note: Two DUers have previously donated items to use in Wishadoo!'s Marketplace, but because there is so little activity there, I haven't posted anything as yet.

The auction offering the beautiful jewelry our own Le Taz Hot crafted is ready to be auctioned in the Wishadoo! Marketplace. The proceeds will help the fundraiser for Seven! It works like ebay, and I set it for a three-day auction. CLICK HERE to check it out! (You do have to be a member and logged in to Wishadoo to use this tool. If anyone has trouble with anything at the site, please let me know. But I'm going crazy today, more than usual, so please be patient with me. )

(Description: Red and lavender micro-macrame bracelet and earring set. (Faux) "Jeweled" diamond-shaped center beads with faux pearl accents and red seed beads. This set is one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated.)


[font color="blue"][font size="3"]PLEASE ALSO: [/font color][/font size]

* Recommend this thread and keep it kicked for visibility;

* Please scan the Wishlist in general on a regular basis; some posts are simply asking for information. It's not always about money.

* ACKNOWLEDGE these courageous people who have made themselves vulnerable by asking for help. Please offer whatever support you can (information, advice, well wishes, financial or other support, etc.)

* Share Wishadoo! with others (online and in person)...your friends, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, other networks and organizations; after all, the more who gather...[/font color]

[center][font color=green]* * * * *

Anyone is welcome to use the tools at Wishadoo, so long as the Terms of Service are adhered to (basically "play nice" and don't lie). Wishadoo! is a comprehensive portal providing tools, resources and inspiration to connect, help/be helped, and cultivate compassion, cooperation and authentic community in myriad ways, online and in our own "backyards." Wishadoo!'s tools have been designed to integrate and be of service to all sectors of community: individuals, neighborhoods, schools, organizations and businesses.

Any contributions to Wishadoo! itself go toward the cost of maintaining the site, NOT toward any Wishlist posts. That takes place one on one, between Wishadoo! members. If you are able to help with costs to keep the site going, I'd appreciate your generosity tremendously and will be forever indebted.

MANY, MANY thanks to those who have already
helped support Wishadoo! in various ways!



EDIT TO ADD: Oh the irony of Beck being front and center right as I launch this, since he was rather pivotal in my journey, leading to this REVOLUTION.


Here is my blog post giving the background, including my Beck encounter.

* * * *

I've been working nonstop for days getting all the pieces together. As a non-techie type, that is HARD!

Please click the link below to be taken to the COMPASSION REVOLUTION page where there are six easy suggested steps to follow to join and build this movement.

The only thing missing is the Thunderclap tool, which amplifies our voices via Facebook and twitter; once that's approved, I'll send out notices, asking people to please sign up to do that.

Please note that I know many do NOT like petitions or forms that request an email address in order to sign. I found another way to gather signatures to show the support for this movement...for a more compassionate world...as many people aren't on social media. I think the tool I used to gather signatures is super easy and should meet everyone's requirements. It doesn't ask for email or anything personal. It's a symbolic show of support for this positive action Revolution.

There are several links to follow once you're at the page, including a blog post giving some background to this Revolution (some of you already know a good portion, involving Mr. Glenn Beck).

If you would help me spread the word in various ways as noted at the link, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Be sure to check out the video below as well.

Thank you, DU, for your support of me, of Wishadoo, and the world so many of us are working to create.


UPDATE! I've been challenged by a Beck/Limbaugh right-winger

[font size="3"]UPDATE: For anyone who may have bookmarked this, I wanted to add a link to the OP for the COMPASSION CHALLENGE:


As always, thanks![/font]

* * *

Edit to add: If you want to get on board early, this page has icons for all Wishadoo's social media. I'll surely be blasting from all avenues on Sunday.


If anyone wants to connect with me, personally, I would LOVE that!

My personal Facebook profile.

My personal Twitter account (I rarely use twitter but that's gotta change).

BTW, if any of you are feeling creative and energetic, I'm all ears as far as ideas you may have and how you envision a Compassion Revolution. I have my vision, but I always invite others to share theirs. I don't have a marketing/PR group or anything behind me: I have me, myself and I. And hopefully a lot of YOU!

How awesome would it be to get Thom Hartmann and other progressives on board, as well as high-profile social media peeps like The Rude Pundit on board? Compassion takes many forms.

I do NOT mean for anything I initially wrote (see below) to imply I'm a victim in any way, shape or form. In fact, those throughout my life who have dissed me and my worldview, and who have instead embraced that of Limbaugh/Beck, have inspired me to work even harder and stand even more firmly in my truth and my integrity. I'm anxious to show them I'm not alone.

* * * * * * *

As I approach 50 and evaluate the world around me -- and my place in it -- the question of "my value" has been very much on my mind given the struggle so many of us, especially over 40, are having in this capitalism-run-amok economy and society.

I have been challenged by someone who has a right-wing, religious conservative worldview to see how many people support my worldview, as he feels what I try to do to advance a world of more genuine compassion, cooperation and community has no value. To him, the fact that I struggle financially clearly indicates that I and my work have no value in this world.

Some of you may remember that in 2010 Glenn Beck dissed Wishadoo (and thus me) on his Fox TV show, insinuating Wishadoo is part of the communist/socialist/fascist/Nazi conspiracy because of the focus on The Common Good, compassion, yada, yada. My family is a Beck/Limbaugh family, so other than my mom, they have even chosen sides, and they side with Beck/Limbaugh, having always dissed my belief in humanity and, quite frankly, integrity.

I plan to launch an (initially) online COMPASSION REVOLUTION on Sunday, May 5th, and hope to prove every Limbaugh Republican who has dissed me throughout my life wrong...to show that I am far from alone, and that others are ready to not only embrace but work with me to more visibly and vocally stand up to show support for more compassionate, collaborative, joy-filled world.

I really, really, REALLY hope you'll join me and help me spread the word and get more people on board to show their support for the anti-Beck/Limbaugh/Robertson/Palin/Fox world many of us are working so hard to create.

I have so many projects in the works, just waiting to gather the troops, so to speak. I hope those who resonate will join this COMPASSION REVOLUTION and help me grow and develop this new movement.

Thanks in advance.

I'm female, but this Einstein pic and quote prompted me to share this morning.

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