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Member since: Fri Aug 5, 2005, 08:14 AM
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Homelessness can be one step away -- playspent.org

Work hard. Do the right thing. Sometimes, all it takes is one life-changing experience to land you on the streets: a job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, natural disaster, or serious illness.

Next thing you know, a chain of events sends things spiraling out of control…

How would you cope? Where would you go? What would you do? Figure something out, right?

SPENT is an online game about surviving poverty and homelessness created by ad agency McKinney for pro bono client Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), whose mission "is to provide food, clothing, shelter and supportive services to neighbors in need". Players must make the difficult decisions necessary to live for one month on $1,000, often having to choose between equally disagreeable options. The dilemmas they face represent those that bring people to places like UMD: Do you make a healthy meal or keep the lights on? Cover the minimum on your credit cards or pay the rent? Hope your sick daughter gets better on her own or risk your job by leaving early to take her to the doctor? Let your son play in the after-school sports league or save the money needed for his uniform?


Please see the LOVE & COMPASSION OP to help a fellow DUer -- a veteran -- avoid homelessness, as well as help other DUers.

**LOVE & COMPASSION** in honor of MLK and President Obama

[font color="brown"](I was previously given permission by Skinner to post periodically about http://www.wishadoo.org, especially when it involves DUers, with this required disclaimer: "The administrators of Democratic Underground have given permission for one discussion thread on this topic. The administrators of Democratic Underground make no claims regarding the legitimacy or illegitimacy of this fundraising effort. Permission was granted by Skinner on 8/6/2010, and the moderators have been notified." [/font]

If you're not familiar with Wishadoo, please see my journal for previous posts.

The inspiration for the subject line came last Monday, 1/14/13, when the Sandy Hook parents gave a press conference, introducing their new organization Sandy Hook Promise. I posted about it here.

The biggest takeaway for me was this: [font color="green"]THEY CHOOSE LOVE[/font], not anger or fear. In spite of all they have to be angry about, in spite of the many things we can all live in fear of, they set a brilliant example by CHOOSING to move forward with LOVE and COMPASSION in order to honor their children.

I would like to post an OP like this every Sunday, highlighting DUers' needs, but posts like this often go unseen. Quite honestly, I think the way these posts drop out of sight reflects poorly on us as a community. Please, please help me change that. (Plus, it takes me hours to compile these posts, so I'd personally -- and selfishly -- appreciate it.)

[font color="green"]To honor the Sandy Hook victims and their loved ones, I am asking you to show your values as a liberal/progressive/Democrat [/font](let's not debate the semantics of those words in this thread...you know what I mean) [font color="green"]by LIVING Love, Compassion, Community, and Cooperation.[/font color]

Many of the needs we and our fellow citizens have could be prevented with more humane policies and systems, not the least of which is Universal Healthcare and strengthening our safety nets to prevent homelessness and other forms of poverty resulting from the gross wealth inequality.

While we pursue legislative changes and other means to change our society for the better...for The Common Good...these Wishadoo! OPs offer the opportunity to do what we can to show Love & Compassion now. It's easy, as I've listed below.

[font color="black"][font size="3"]YOU CAN SHOW LOVE & COMPASSION BY:

[font color="green"]1. Recommending this thread and keeping it kicked for visibility, as well as:[/font size][/font color]

* Sharing the Wishlist posts with your social networks (or share from here, of course)

* Offering whatever support you can (information, advice, well wishes, financial or other support, etc.)

* Sharing Wishadoo! with others (online and in person); after all, the more who gather...[/font]

[font color="green"][font size="3"]2. Reading DUers' Wishlist Posts [/font size][/font color] [font color="black"](click the DU name to see their Wishlist post. You can contact them directly via Wishadoo or here at DU with any questions):

A. bakprkr, has posted the most recent request in the Wishlist. He is a vet, who has been struggling tremendously to avoid homelessness and needs transportation for employment (mass transit simply isn't available in many areas). His request is straightforward, and he's included a PayPal clickable icon. He has also permitted me to share his blog link, where you can follow his journey:


B. Deek's Wish needs much, much more attention. Not much has been raised thus far. You may remember deek's thread from April 2012, where she asked for votes to win a new wheelchair van for her daughter. DUers voted, but she didn't win. The engine on her van died and she needs a new one now, so she turned to Wishadoo! and DU for help.

C. Silvershadow has a dream to start a non-profit organization for those who have Multiple Sclerosis and other similar neurological diseases.

D. Akoto is a wonderful DUer I've interacted with behind the scenes; a very selfless young person, usually asking on behalf of others, but has a very real need for transportation.

E. Mtnleo2 is asking for dental help for her niece.

F. Oak2004 has a request to help a disabled/senior housing project.

Concerning the above DUers, I have interacted with them personally and can vouch for them. If I have forgotten any DUers who have active Wishlist posts, please let me know!!!! I know I've forgotten someone...

Please also check out the other Wishlist posts. Since we liberals/progressives/Democrats are concerned about others and The Common Good, please consider reaching out to others even if they aren't part of the DU Community.


[center]* * * * * * * [/center]

[font color="green"]OTHER HELPFUL LINKS @ WISHADOO:

Marketplace (like ebay for good!)

Business Directory

To see an infographic which summarizes the existing tools and goals of Wishadoo!, please CLICK HERE (then click again to enlarge).

[center]ABOUT WISHADOO!: Anyone is welcome to use the tools at Wishadoo, so long as the Terms of Service are adhered to (basically "play nice" and don't lie). This includes creating posts in the Wishlist, a "craigslist of compassion." Most of us are struggling with one thing or another, and as you'll see, there are many categories in the Wishlist to cover a variety of issues/needs.

Wishadoo! is a comprehensive portal providing tools, resources and inspiration to connect, help/be helped, and cultivate compassion, cooperation and authentic community in myriad ways, online and in our own "backyards." Wishadoo!'s tools have been designed to integrate and be of service to all sectors of community: individuals, neighborhoods, schools, organizations and businesses.

The Wishlist is where we can ask, offer, give, receive and pay it forward. If you create a Wishlist post, let me know your DU name, and I can start to do weekly or biweekly threads such as this to highlight DUers' needs and offerings.

Any contributions to Wishadoo! goes toward the cost of maintaining the site, NOT toward any Wishlist posts. That takes place one on one, between Wishadoo! members. If you are able to help with costs to keep the site going, we all appreciate your generosity tremendously.

MANY, MANY thanks to those who have already
helped support Wishadoo! in various ways!


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