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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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Any word on Grayson primary?

LePage must GO. Period! Here is what you can do right now. (Spread the word.)

ANYONE else would be FIRED. LePage is mentally unfit to govern, and he must go and go NOW.

Here is a petition you can sign online: http://mefga.org/

(Also, there is a rally at Capitol Park in Augusta tomorrow at 6:30pm.)

The Governor's recent actions are simply inexcusable. Half-baked apologies and
lame excuses can no longer suffice.
Anyone else in any position would be removed from his/her job. In the very
latest outrage, LePage is saying he will hold one of his town meetings in
Westbrook on Wednesday, the very city in which Rep. Gattine, whom LePage
threatened and used such vile language with, lives and serves. The governor is
obviously completely mentally unfit to serve as governor.

Pressure is mounting around the Maine GOP to act and act very seriously. If
they agree to a call of a special session and merely censure LePage, they know
they will take a serious beating at the polls in November and in two years
because he will still be there and voters will take it out on their party.
Democratic leaders have told their Republican colleagues that they must pressure
LePage to resign and seek professional help for his psychological problems.
Remember, ANYONE else would be fired
for such outrageous behavior. Just imagine a School Superintendent, or a fire
chief, or a person working in the private sector acting like that? They'd be
gone in a New York minute.

As Democrats our position must be firm and decisive. We must follow through on
what our leadership has stated: that Lepage is simply unfit to serve as
Governor. If he won't leave voluntarily, he must be forced out. Enough is
enough. Remember, again, Republicans are in a SERIOUS bind. If LePage remains
in office, they will suffer tremendously at the polls in November and in two
years as well, and they know it. Democratic leadership is giving them some time
to act, but they won't wait indefinitely.

Also, it is important to contact your House Reps and State Senators as well as
both Democratic and Republican leadership.

Democratic Senate Leader Justin Alfond's email address: [email protected]

Republican Senate President Mike Thibodeau's email address: [email protected]

Republican Senate Leader Andre Cushing's email address: [email protected]

Democratic Rep. Leader Jeff McCabe's email address: [email protected]

Want to see how you tear an asshole opponent right into pieces? WATCH THIS:

Hillary ripped the mega-unqualified racist scumbag Trump right into tiny pieces today. Sheer BEAUTY! Watch it here:



New controversy erupts over LePage comments about Muslim, Blacks, Hispanics

Source: Bangor Daily News

The Khans’ 27-year-old son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, was killed in 2004 by a suicide bomber while deployed in Iraq. The Khans have become nationally known and continue to speak out against Trump.

LePage doesn’t like it and said so Wednesday on the Howie Carr radio show, which you can hear by clicking here. LePage’s interview, which touched on several topics, begins about 57 minutes in.

The governor’s comments about Khan came during a discussion of Adnan Fazeli, an immigrant from Iran who became a follower of the Islamic State while living in Maine before travelling to Turkey. Fazeli died on the Lebanese border while fighting on behalf of the Islamic State, a radical Muslim group that demonizes Western culture.

Carr equated Fazeli to the Tsarnaev brothers, who bombed the Boston Marathon in 2013. LePage agreed.

“[Fazeli] is just another version of [the Tsarnaev brothers], then there are the mighty powerful ones like Mr. Kahn who is a con artist himself,” said LePage. “He uses the death of his son who is an American soldier which we respect and honor and he uses that to go after Trump, which I find very distasteful. then we find out that he’s a law partner with guess who? The attorney general of the United States.”

Read more: http://stateandcapitol.bangordailynews.com/2016/08/25/new-controversy-erupts-over-lepage-comment-about-muslim-blacks-hispanics/

Right wing Maine Governor Paul LePage, a "YUGE" supporter of the extremely unqualified nutjob who is Trump, called Khizer Khan a "con artist" in an interview with radical right wing hate radio host Howie Carr.

LePage is a disgusting and vile excuse for a human being, just like his buddy and fellow scumbucket Trumpenstein.

It's the Paul LePIG and Crazy Sleazy Donnie show.

Robby Mook was EXCELLENT on Stephanopalous today. EXCELLENT!

He answered well. And he HIT Trump hard again and again. THAT is how you do it. You answer, and then you turn and go on the ATTACK! It was SO good!

Trumpty Dumpty (A Post Election Nursery Rhyme)

Trumpty Dumpty sat bloated and orange on his sociopathic wall. Trumpy Dumpty had a bad summer and an even worse fall. All Trumpty's horses and all Trumpty's goofball men will never fix Trumpty's ego again.

Trump making a comeback? Bwahahahahahhaha.....!!!! You can't resurrect a pile of SHIT.

Trump and the R's will be OBLITERATED in November! Meantime, just continue to call Trump "An insane piece of rotting dog shit" every single time you are asked about him, and work like hell until November to elect Hillary and Dems up and down the ballot.

Here is how you know that Trump MEANT to say that gun owners could attack Hillary:

Watch the video. He was CLEARLY talking about what they should do IF she WAS elected. And watch. He made the comment as a side comment, glib and crass in a wise-ass way, saying:

"If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

Look at that. The second sentence was one of his wise-ass side comments, he intentionally goes to SECOND AMENDMENT people, and he ends with the nasty and glib "I don't know." Look at the context, the manner, and the words. He is CLEARLY saying they could use their guns to stop her AFTER she got elected.

Even if he meant it as a joke, BAD JOKE. You just don't go there. STUPID and DANGEROUS!

He OBVIOUSLY did not mean to say that gun owners should unite to defeat Hillary at the polls BEFORE the election. There is just no way. They are LYING LIKE HELL! Just use common sense, watch the video, watch the manner in which he made this off the cuff comment, and you can see exactly what he MEANT to say. If he was trying to get second amendment people to unite to defeat her BEFORE the election, he would have said that more deliberately and completely, not is the wise-ass, glib, way he made this comment. Watch the video and just use common sense.

Trump belongs in a straight jacket with a muzzle on his face.

The more that Crazy Donnie calls Hillary crazy, the crazier HE looks.

Let the bloviating blow-hard blow. Hillary and the Dems are using Trump's own words and actions to show how nuts he is. All he has is talk. And the more he attacks with his nasty name-calling, the crazier HE appears. His trash-talking Hillary like that only digs HIMSELF in deeper. Hillary is calling out Trump's judgement and ACTIONS. But, she is not name-calling. Trump is. She will continue to hammer him on his words and deeds and demonstrate how unfit he is for the presidency. And the more he simply name-calls, the more it feeds the very narrative that she has molded around him: a mean, nasty, unqualified schoolyard bully. And also, the more it alienates him from women voters who will sympathize more and more with Hillary. Trump only has his nasty mouth. Hilary has Trump's ACTIONS to reinforce HER narrative of him.

Keep blabbing Crazy Donnnie. Your tongue is a shovel and you're just digging yourself in deeper and deeper and deeper. And Hillary is going to keep playing that tape of you mocking the disabled reporter.
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