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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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Have these "Bernie or Bust" zero-reality radicals been tossed out of the convention yet?

Standing there in the hall with tape on their mouths, saying they won't vote for Hillary.

CHUCK THEM THE HELL OUT ALREADY! (Or did they? Or did they just take their balls and go home?)

Remember, the trouble makers are a small IGNORANT fringe. 90% of Bernie supporters are aboard.

Granted, the screechers in the hall need a lesson in REALITY and a lesson in RESPECT.

Some of this Bernie campaign FRINGE got themselves into a FRENZY over their candidate and the "movement." They invested in it like a religion, and many for the first time. I can understand the profound disappointment. What they must remember is that politics isn't a religion. It is a process whereby someone wins and someone loses. We all have to face disappointment. I have had to face it MANY times, having put my heart and soul into campaigns and we came up short. Other times we won. That's the nature of the beast. I like Bernie a hell of a lot. He beat all expectations.
He did some great things with that campaign and had a big impact on the platform. Knowing how he was such an underdog, those are great victories in that sense. I do hope that he, Weaver, and Devine will follow through and continue their movement in ways that will keep all those people really engaged.

But now they must see that interrupting people like Elijah Cummings and booing people is RUDE, NOT "progressive," DISRESPECTFUL, and CHILDISH. There is no room for it at a PARTY convention. That convention is not there for RADICALS to mount ridiculous protests
on the floor of the party hall. To think there are some Bernie delegates saying they will not vote for the nominee. UNACCEPTABLE.

So fringe people, Bernie or Bust people, I have one piece of advice for you. GROW THE HELL UP! Do you really want Trump, the most vile asshole to ever win a party nomination? If not, GROW UP, SMARTEN UP, LISTEN TO BERNIE, and work to beat Trump!

Thanks Bernie! Great job!

Very good. Very UNITING! Bernie gets it! Now ALL of his supporters need to get aboard and join BERNIE to defeat Trump.

What an AWESOME convention! GREAT speeches. GREAT musicians. And HAMMERING TRUMP!

Make me so proud to be a Democrat. I seems things are really coming together.

BRILLANT work so far!

Conventions are about UNITY, not "Dissent."

The convention is there to officially nominate the PARTY nominee. Yes, it's fine for more than one person to be put in nomination and speakers who supported the losing candidate can and should have the right to tout what that candidate stands for. But those who supported the candidate that did not win the nomination must also be respectful to the nominee and her supporters, accept the outcome, and UNITE behind the winning candidate.

The Bernie folks have had TONS of inclusion and TONS of impact on the platform. Their voice has been HEARD.

They need to understand how the process works and understand that it is ALL about UNITING and BEATING the unique and dangerous threat that is Trump.

The Union Reps are ripping the SHIT out of Trump at the convention! It is BEAUTIFUL!

On now. Especially Trumpka who outright called Trump a FRAUD and PHONY.

EVERY speaker is tearing up Trump. It is WONDERFUL!

The people at the convention with tape on their mouths in the hall need to GROW UP and GET REAL.

My god, Bernie had HUGE influence on the platform. HUGE inclusion in this process. Bernie is speaking to the convention. A good number of his supporters are speaking and asking for unity. Speakers for Hillary have extended great respect to Bernie and his people. Bernie was allowed into the party and was indeed SUPPORTED by the party apparatus and given all the same resources. (There was NO big conspiracy to undermine him at all. Yes, a few dumb emails and suggestions, but no big conspiracy or actions at all to damage Bernie.)

Enough of this ridiculous behavior with tape over mouths and defaced signs. It is a MINORITY FRINGE of people doing this, but it needs to end. It is radical nonsense outside of reality.

It is CHILDISH ! They need to GROW UP !


The speakers, delegates, and others in the hall are ALL races, ALL ethnic groups. ALL orientations. ALL ages. This is AMERICA. Now look at the Republicans. Almost all white and middle aged to old. I am very proud to be a Democrat.


Diane Russell from my state did GREAT! Strong Bernie supporter but did a great call for UNITY!

She did very well and was received very well. UNITY is what it is all about !!

Beating Trump is what it is all about.

ANYONE who says he/she would vote for Trump to stop Hillary is nothing but a fucking NUT.

No reality anywhere near his/her brain. NOT progressive. NOT a Democrat. And NOT sane!
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