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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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The more you call white working class voters "racist" the more you will LOSE elections.

Just because someone voted for Trump doesn't mean he or she was a "racist." In fact, labeling someone you don't even know just based on how he or she voted is so simple-minded and ridiculous that anyone who would say such a thing needs a brain transplant.

MANY people voted for Trump not because of the race politics but on ECONOMICS and/or other cultural issues beyond race. Some voted for him because they are lifelong R's so stuck with their party. Others because they perceive him as a strong leader. Others because they are fed up with the establishment and want to shake up Washington. Others because they didn't like Hillary. Others because they are sick and tired of elitists who don't respect them and because of political correctness on steroids. MANY because they are beaten down economically and Trump is a business guy who promised job creation.

Please, don't be simple-minded. People vote for a given candidate for a variety of reasons.

Want to win back MANY white rural working class voters who used to vote with us? First, LISTEN to them and RESPECT them. Next, give them CONCRETE and TANGIBLE benefits for their votes, such as infrastructure jobs, a good plan for bringing back manufacturing if even on a small scale, a good plan to ACTUALLY drain the swamp in Washington, etc.

We are supposed to be "The Party Of The People" right? Well, that means ALL the people including white working class folks. Ignore them, as we just saw, at our PERIL!

The Democratic Party is for social AND economic justice. It isn't an "either/or" situation!

Enough of this nonsense about claiming the Democratic Party is wrongly shifting away from social justice in favor of economic justice everywhere (including the industrial Midwest). No one, I repeat, no one is saying that Democrats should "abandon" urban concerns or should in any way, shape, or form "abandon" fighting for full inclusion or fighting against racism or sexism or discrimination against ANYONE.

You know, it is actually possible to have a strong, compelling, MORAL, populist economic message for EVERY area of the country and to respect ALL cultures in the country while still standing up for the civil rights of all Americans. How anyone could possibly think this is some kind of "either/or" proposition is ludicrous.

A national party needs a big tent and can have messages that unite all parts of the party. People of ALL races need an economy that works for them. Social and economic justice go absolutely hand in hand. Economic disparities cut across racial and geographic lines. Unemployment rates among urban minorities and rural white folks are BOTH much too high and BOTH are disgraceful and must be addressed.

So we can fight for the civil rights and human dignity of ALL people which goes hand in hand with fighting the corporate oligarchy and for economic justice and improvement for all people everywhere. We MUST do BOTH, and we can!

What the party needs to do, plain and SIMPLE:

It is so SIMPLE. We lose because we do not have the powerful clear strong populist message that people are begging for. It is always, always, always, always about THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Want to win? Do this:

* Get every corporate Democrat the hell out of the party and be the party of the working and middle classes in grassroots America.
* SHOW UP in all 50 states and all AREAS of them.
* Send the money to state and local party entities not to consultants and pollsters.
* Clean the ENTIRE house at the DNC and put in populist progressives.
* LISTEN to rural and small town folks and UNDERSTAND THEM! They are HURTING and want to be listened to and they want an economic future. We CAN create jobs there. SAY IT AND DO IT!
* Respect the rural culture as well as the urban culture.
* Have a VERY LOUD STRONG and crystal clear compelling and exciting populist economic message that is all about KILLING failed trickle down economics, KILLING rotten trade deals, and KILLING the oligarchy's control of the economy and the government. (In politics you need an overarching narrative, values message, and VILLAIN TO ATTACK. This is the message that gives us what we need.
* Tell older folks it will be a cold day in hell before we privatize social security and medicare.
* Say loud and clear that America is Of, By, and For ALL THE PEOPLE and not just the rich, and our mission in life is to give the country back to ALL the people again. "MAKE AMERICA EVERYONE'S AGAIN!!"
* Unite urban and rural folks around the populist economics message bridging social justice with economic justice. People of all races and genders can not advance without economic justice. BRIDGE THE TWO!

Do these things, and we will come back. Do the same old same old SHIT that FAILS, and we will not. Simple as that.

Boneheaded, Dumbheaded, Braindead elitist thinking is killing the Democratic Party!

We have been hollowed out all over the country because we refuse to offer clear, strong, compelling ideas to small town and rural people who VOTE in ALL elections including mid-term elections. Elitism is a staggering FAILURE. The election of Trump was mainly a self-inflicted wound and anyone with an IQ of 2 can see it. The party needs to be a party of EVERYWHERE again and needs to talk compellingly to EVERYONE or it will be relegated to second-class MINORITY status PERMANENTLY! The winning formula is a resounding, clear, strong, compelling populist economic message that will resonate across demographics and across all other issues. EVERYONE, regardless of race or gender, is being screwed royally by the corporate oligarchy. Jobs are gone. Income inequality is staggering. People in many places are justifiably angry and fed up with an economy and government that does not work for them. Trump spoke much more clearly to this anger and anxiety. Democrats need to speak with clarity, passion, strength, and FOCUS about THE ECONOMY STUPID and stop wandering around in the wilderness of complete POLITICAL STUPIDITY.

Of course I strongly supported Hillary, and we got more votes overall. But those votes are concentrated on the coasts and in the big cities. That is nowhere near enough. We have to speak to ALL of America again if we want to be a national party that actually wins national elections. It is just as simple as that, and it is absolutely indisputable.

Fuck the braindead notion that we can say "Fuck the white working class."

The election of Trump had many causes: A qualified but nonetheless flawed Democratic candidate marred by the email scandal; the electoral college; racism; sexism; SHIT corporate media; a completely piece of SHIT Democratic National Committee; a flawed Democratic strategy and lack of the right message; a general desire among some people simply for ANY kind of change; failure of too many of our voters to actually come out and vote.

However, the MAIN reason is because of the working class economic anxiety in the upper midwest, and that is the indisputable fact. The party and our candidate simply did not connect with these voters, many or most of whom were traditionally Democrats and many of whom still are by party registration. And they have left us.

The economy, as always, was the NUMBER ONE ISSUE of the campaign, and working class small town America has been economically RAVAGED. They are rightfully angry, and many of them feel they have no future and that we do not understand or respect their plight nor their culture. Again, MANY of these people, in some places the majority, used to be Democrats. And the party forgot how to talk to them. The party needs to talk to them again and offer compelling ideas and economic hope for them again. AND, the party needs to respect and support their culture. It is just fine to respect and support the very long hunting heritage in rural and small town America.

Working class America doesn't give a flying shit about pure food laws and solar power when it needs JOBS. JOBS JOBS JOBS is the NUMBER ONE ISSUE. And they also want straight STRONG talk and leadership, not meely-mouthed pathetic wimpy WEAK SHIT that is not leadership.

And this is by no means an either/or situation. The Democratic Party is and will always be the party that fights for the rights and betterment of EVERYONE in America, full inclusion, and will always stand strong against bigotry wherever it exists. BUT, being the "Party of the People" means, in fact, ALL THE PEOPLE including white rural and small town people.

JOBS JOBS JOBS and creating an economy that works for EVERYONE is the issue that transcends all else because social justice can not happen without economic justice. Social justice matters little if you don't have a job and can't make a decent living. And ALL people, regardless of race, color, gender, or creed are deeply impacted by the corporate oligarchy that works for the 1% and doesn't give a damn about anyone else.


Offer people JOBS JOBS JOBS and tell them just how you are going to create them so they feel they have a FUTURE instead of economic DESPAIR. Do that, and we win again because right now the party is like a self-inflicted deaf, dumb, blind, and brainless person wandering aimlessly through the political desert without a message for ALL the people.

Predictwise has Hillary at 88% and TrumpenStein at 12%.

Here: http://predictwise.com/politics/

What will the undecideds do in the endgame? Some national polls are showing many undecideds.

It seems some of the final national polls still have a good number of "undecideds". Such as the NBC/WSJ final national poll.

Do you think they're lying and just saying they're undecided, or where do they break in the endgame?

(How anyone could still be undecided is beyond me. My god, TrumpenFuhrer is rotten his very core. It's a no-brainer!)

538 has what looks like a best case scenario map for Trump up and Clinton still wins 65-35.

If you look at his map, he has NV, NC, NH, and FL all leaning Trump. ????? Does he really think Trump is going to win all those?

John Ralston says NV is most likely out of Trump's reach with Clark County firewall numbers.

It seems like the Clinton campaign feels very good about NC and FL.

We should still have a very good shot at NH.

Nate Silver??????????.......

Will the "Comey Effect" end by tomorrow or Saturday?

Most analyses I'm seeing are attributing much of the poll-tightening to the "Comey Effect." Shouldn't that be subsiding by tomorrow or Saturday?

***FLORIDA FOX-13 POLL HRC 49 Trump 45***

I believe it includes a mix of some who've already voted and others who haven't. I hope this is a good poll and shows her opening up a good lead. Also, a Gravis Poll from the other day has her up two. I have seen so many polls over the last few days with Hillary up in Florida.

LINK: http://www.fox13news.com/news/politics/215356447-story
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