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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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Please correct me if I'm wrong regarding how the emails got onto Weiner's laptop:

As I understand it, it goes like this:

1) Huma would receive many emails as Hillary's "gatekeeper" of messages.

2) Hillary wanted them in hard copy, and Huma would print them off, maybe even at home, by forwarding emails to her other email accounts.

3) Some of these forwarded emails were emails received by Huma on the account attached to the Clinton server.

4) If she had ever used Weiner's laptop for email purposes, even if only once, the forwarded emails would sync to that account/device.

5) It is likely that most or all of these emails have already been seen by the FBI because they would have also been captured on the Clinton server which they have already investigated.

Am I getting this straight? Please correct any misunderstandings as my tech knowledge is limited.

Also, I thought they were in negotiations to search through these emails voluntarily? Now they have a warrant. What do you suppose it up with that?

Comey has royally screwed up! He should be standing at attention in Lynch's office. Check this out:

Los Angeles Times confirms FBI Director is lying: latest emails “were not to or from” Hillary Clinton


Carpet the airwaves with the worst of the worst Trump ads. Slam him hard as hell.

Don't fight back. Fight FORWARD.

Has this video of Trump praising Bill and Hillary been on DU? Here it is:

SEE THIS: http://video.genfb.com/1284729201620131

The R base is not "conservative." It is "Radical Right Wing." Period.

We must learn how to use effective language framing. So many people around here and everywhere say "conservative" referring to the RePUKElicans. These wingnuts are not conservative. George Will is conservative. Steve Schmidt is conservative. William Buckley was conservative. But these crazed Trump ghouls and the Fox News base of the TeaPublican Party are NOT "conservative."

Say "Radical Right Wing."

Call them "Right Wing Wingnuts."

Call them "Crazy Right Wingers."

Call them vomit-inducing "RePUKElicans."

You get the picture.

Trump saying he will attack the media as president. Now attacking the First Amendment. FASCIST!

Trump the sickening fascist, plain and simple. Defeat him, BIGTIME!


Will some R's see the writing on the wall, lose enthusiasm, and stay home?

What do you think?

What have you done to help Hillary and Dems win? Do ANYTHING you can. Here is what I have done:

1) Lots of work for my local Dem state legislature candidate: phone calls, lit drops, putting up signs, driving for the candidate so he can knock on doors, etc. Working on these local races helps pull out Dems which helps everyone up and down the ballot because some people might stay home not liking the presidential race, but if they know their local candidate they will go the polls for that, then many will vote for ALL Dems.

2) Many small donations up and down the ballot, even just five or ten bucks at a time. Just did another few small donations yesterday for Hillary and other Dems.

3) Wrote a letter to the editor praising Hillary and ripping Trump which was published in one of the larger state newspapers.

4) Plan to do GOTV phone banking on the weekend before the election.

5) Voted early by mail.

You don't have to do a lot, just a little something to help. Put out a sign. Put on a bumper sticker. Make a five dollar donation. Do a half hour of phone banking. Knock on doors for one shift. Write a one-paragraph letter to the editor. But please do something, anything.

Seriously, what do you suppose Allan Lichtman is thinking right now?

Does he still stand by his model, or does he stand closer to the caveat he left for himself saying that his model works for "traditional" election cycles but that Trump is so "unusual" he could prove his model wrong this time?

Why is there no early voting in PA? This is surprising. Are there movements to allow early voting?

We have early voting in Maine. Anyone can get a mail-in absentee ballot. You don't need a special reason. It's great.

PA is such a historic state. It's surprising to me.
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