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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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SEE VIDEO of TRUMP from Progressive activist in private meeting with Trump in Maine a few days ago.

Check this out. Trump is denying allegations, and going on and on about the election being "rigged." Note the crazy comments and questions of his minions in the meeting. Trump and his people are completely delusional. Listen to what one of his female minions says about Trump's bragging about groping: "We women say worse."

Trump is a rotten slime and his bottom feeders are as bad or worse.

**** Listen to what the progressive guy says to Trump.****

About 7 minutes. Check it out.





The reasons why Trump has his appeal.

Why Trump has such appeal for so many, even with all his scandals, is no mystery.

Trump didn't happen in a vacuum. He is the result of a Republican base that over the last several decades, starting very much with Nixon's "Southern Strategy", has turned fundamentalist and inward clinging to racism, fear of changing demographics, and fear of changing traditional power structures in our society. The Republican base is made up very much of the "angry white male" (and in many instances the "angry white female" as well, though less so than the men) who feel their grip on traditional power structures is being taken from them. They once dominated and had the dominant culture. With decades now of right wing talk radio and Fox News, a huge right wing propaganda media presence has been set up to capitalize on and fuel this anger and resentment. In addition, right wing corporatists like the Kochs, the gun companies backed by the NRA, etc. have fed this hate and fear and its media machine with big money and big propaganda. This media feeds them sheer lies and hate talk which fuels their fear in a big way. Listen to the Trump voters' rhetoric. They talk about the world as they know it ending, about fear of having their guns taken away, about fear of having life as they know it taken away. The whole Tea Party movement was born of this fear and anger, as was the birther movement, both centrally rooted in right wing racism.

Trump folks are SCARED, ANGRY, and TOXIC. They feel that the traditional white and white-male dominated society they have always known is going away, and they are shitting their collective pants over it. THEIR WAY OF THINKING LOVES THE "STRONG MALE LEADER" figure. And Trump came into the R primary having studied FOX News and right wing radio, and he built his messaging on it. So they have responded very strongly. He has played right to it.

It is also true that many resent having lost factory jobs. But this goes deeper than that. It is mainly about the racial and demographics changes which have filled them with such fear, and so they have bought into messaging for decades which fuels that fear.

So this is why so many will still vote for Trump and why they won't listen to anything else. They are radical, toxic, filled with fear, filled with misinformation that they WANT to believe, and have established an ignorance-based, hate-based worldview that is simply can not be penetrated. Luckily, the sane among us outnumber them, and we must VOTE in this election and EVERY election.

Republican Party, where did you go?

Republican Party, what happened to you? You used to be the great party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower. You were conservative, but in a more moderate and reasoned way. You believed in working with others and not vilifying them. You believed that while government couldn’t solve all problems, we needed adequate and necessary government to proactively do things such as create the interstate highway system, protect the environment, make it easier to exercise the right to vote, and much more. You once would have been disgusted by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Now you are the party of Donald Trump who is a nasty, radical person whose vile behavior and talk you claim as “refreshing,” “honest,” and “tough.” No it is not. It is cowardly, disgraceful, and un-Christian. We need two viable and decent political parties, but today’s Republican Party no longer qualifies. It is no longer true to its great traditions. We can only hope that the royal beating you will take in this election will cause you to return to your senses. However, I’m not holding my breath.

What is Allan Lichtman going to say if Johnson gets more than 5% but Trump still loses?

What will he say in that event?

A great champion of the "every-person", Bob Dylan, wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Very well deserved. Thanks to Bob for so many decades of great poetic music across the genres.

Bob has created well over 500 songs and has won about every award there is: Grammys, Hall of Fame, Oscar, Kennedy Center, Medal of Freedom, and now the Nobel Prize.

Dylan, a middle class kid out of northern Minnesota, will go down as one of the greatest American poet musicians.

He has earned it. Rock on Bob!

(Sorry, I actually meant to put this in the General Discussion forum. However, I know Dylan was an Obama fan in 2008 and Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom a few years back. I am sure he is NOT a Trump fan.)

CNN: "Trump cast himself as a Messiah-like figure backed by a committed movement." Hahahahahaha...

See http://www.cnn.com/

The man is a complete lunatic.

Spouting insane conspiracy theories.

Attacking leaders in his own party.

Denying what he has bragged about.

He truly does think he's untouchable, can do no wrong, is all powerful, is justified in anything he does or says, has the RIGHT to do anything he wants TO anyone he wants, and that, yes, he walks on water. He is a very delusional individual. And a dangerous individual. This guy has no business being anywhere near the White House. He belongs in an asylum.

How soon before Allan Lichtman changes his prediction?

The problem from the very start of Lichtman's pro Trump prediction, as he actually said, is that this year's Republican candidate is so "unusual" so it could throw off the historical trends upon which his predictive formula is based.

Remember that. Because I think that is just what we are seeing before our very eyes right now. This is why he gave himself this caveat this year. Make no mistake. Lichtman knew, and had already been clearly on record, saying that his model may be thrown off in this cycle because of the "unusual nature" of Trump. Well, Trump is certainly unusual. He is a confirmed sexual deviant. It doesn't get that much more unusual.

Also, I don't think Gary Johnson in the end will pull 5% but if he does, I think it will be more from registered Republicans than Democrats. It will be moderate Republicans.

But even if Johnson does get at least 5%, the thing that is really sinking Lichtman's model this year is that his model, the 13 keys, is based on a TRADITIONAL opposition candidacy, and Trump doesn't qualify as a traditional candidacy. So this will be interesting.

Meantime, get out there and vote early if you can, GOTV, write letters to the editor, donate to Hillary, and do anything you can to sink Trump and elect Hillary. We have to continue to charge hard to the finish line.

Voted early today in Maine. We have absentee vote by mail. Anyone can do it.

Our early voting system is an "anyone can vote absentee by mail" system. The Maine Dems are doing a great job sending out vote-early mailers. Just fill it out, send it in, and your town/city sends you an absentee ballot. Fill it out, sign the envelope, and mail it in using TWO stamps (or drop it off at your town/city office). Done.

We also have same-day registration and voting on election day in Maine. There are also several days of on-site absentee early voting before election day. Put it all together, and we have one of the highest turnouts in the country.

I have been doing early absentee voting by mail for the general elections over the last three or four cycles.

So bank another vote for Clinton/Kaine, Dems straight down the ticket, and support of the progressive side of all referendum questions.

Sounds like Dems are doing well on early voting here in the great Northeast.

YouGov poll, CNN poll, and OH focus group all for HILLARY! YES, Hillary won. Here's why:

* FAR more presidential.

* FAR more control of herself.

* FAR more depth of the facts.

* Trump snorted, endlessly attacked, stalked, interrupted, argued with moderators, and said INSANE shit like he would jail Hillary.

WIN for Hillary!

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