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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 07:24 PM
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What will the undecideds do in the endgame? Some national polls are showing many undecideds.

It seems some of the final national polls still have a good number of "undecideds". Such as the NBC/WSJ final national poll.

Do you think they're lying and just saying they're undecided, or where do they break in the endgame?

(How anyone could still be undecided is beyond me. My god, TrumpenFuhrer is rotten his very core. It's a no-brainer!)

538 has what looks like a best case scenario map for Trump up and Clinton still wins 65-35.

If you look at his map, he has NV, NC, NH, and FL all leaning Trump. ????? Does he really think Trump is going to win all those?

John Ralston says NV is most likely out of Trump's reach with Clark County firewall numbers.

It seems like the Clinton campaign feels very good about NC and FL.

We should still have a very good shot at NH.

Nate Silver??????????.......

Will the "Comey Effect" end by tomorrow or Saturday?

Most analyses I'm seeing are attributing much of the poll-tightening to the "Comey Effect." Shouldn't that be subsiding by tomorrow or Saturday?

***FLORIDA FOX-13 POLL HRC 49 Trump 45***

I believe it includes a mix of some who've already voted and others who haven't. I hope this is a good poll and shows her opening up a good lead. Also, a Gravis Poll from the other day has her up two. I have seen so many polls over the last few days with Hillary up in Florida.

LINK: http://www.fox13news.com/news/politics/215356447-story

Notes About New Hampshire Showing Tied Race:

I think these polls are probably reflecting two things. First, as expected and has been happening everywhere, some of the Trumpers who were voting for Johnson are sliding back to Trump. Also, the FBI email thing, I think in this situation and many others, still had an effect on these polls. The polls show 8% undecided. Some voters may have slid from "leaning Clinton" to "undecided" as a result of that. The hope is that the polls there will re-calibrate by tomorrow or Saturday as undecideds now have to decide and will now hopefully see that the email thing is no big deal and more of them will go with Hillary than Trump.

Video of Portsmouth NH teacher dressed as Trump dancing in class.

Not appropriate, but funny. See link:


Why is Trump campaigning in blue states? WI, MI, CO, etc.? What does he hope to gain by this?

What's his game here? Trying to project an image of confidence? Wasting his time, isn't he?

How can we increase African American turnout in FL and NC? Obama is coming to FL. How about Michelle

One African American person in a story said she didn't feel the Clinton campaign was reaching out well enough to the African American community.

How come the result of the Florida "exit" poll isn't the same as the regular polls?

If this is how they are voting, then why aren't the regular polls reflecting this when they are asked who they support, Trump or Clinton?

Are they bussing people to the polls in these swing states? In NC there are fewer early polling

places, right? They have a ton of money. They need to be bussing these folks to the polls!
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