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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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So as far as gun control goes...

...can I assume we can put you down as 'status quo'?

I'm guessing that the map of the places you can go...

...is like a gerrymandered congressional district.

So if you don't have a doctor

you don't get a CCW?

Who pays for the psych exam and how much is it?

I guess you need to add the...

...stolen gun loophole too. It makes as much sense as a straw purchase loophole.

I'm not sure how that would help my business...

...my customers are other small businesses. Joe Six-pack getting a raise isn't going to make use of my services. In fact I see a loss of business as my customers make cut backs.

And then you get to dig a hole in my back yard?

Do I get any compensation?

Looks like we are...

...getting our money's worth at least. Unlike Korea.


Can't tell. But there is a cost to making water potable. If there were no meters and no charge there would be no incentive to conserve it.

I just wear a hockey mask...

...children tend to run when I get near them, I don't know why.

A question about the graph...

...what does 'traditional' refer to?
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