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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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I know this movie!

Anatomy of a Murder with Jimmy Stewart, great movie.

Do you care to explain what Shooting People means?

Or should I?

So let's see what my party affiliation is...

Breakfast alternates between bacon and eggs and oatmeal.

I like KFC and the only time I was near a Chick-Fil-A it was a Sunday and it was closed.

I wouldn't put a 'full calorie soda' to my lips if you paid me.

The difference between Dems and Reps on whether Olive Garden is ethnic or not is slim.

But I for one can't think of any chain restaurant that could be considered 'ethnic'.

I would think 100% would think

that there school is not safe from gun violence (or any other kind of violence). Unless
your school has a moat and metal detectors there is always the potential that some type of violent event could occur there.


I'm not trying to win an argument, I'm just asking questions in an attempt to learn something.

I carry for the potential of danger

much like I wear my seat belt for the potential of a crash or have a fire extinguisher at my house for the potential of a fire. I've never made use of any of the three so far in my 60 years of life.

I would imagine having been at that scene

would have been awful. I suppose they must have developed a fear that the same kind of thing will happen again.
If that isn't it then I don't see why staying at home would be any better than going back to work.

A quick quiz

How many movie theaters are there in the USA?

Name all those that you have heard of gun murders at.
(did you name more than one?)

Speaking of 'easily maintained'

I read an article of a Malibu costing $175 to replace a headlight.

So are you saying sell them

for less than they cost to build? Is that the "we lose money on each individual sale but make up for it on volume" plan?
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