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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 01:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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As an over the counter item...

...I wonder how many people would purchase this. The ones I can think of are people with family histories of pancreatic cancer and I suppose that by itself is enough reason. I just don't see a spur of the moment "Hey I always wondered if I had pancreatic cancer" purchase.

Yes he's a dumbass and the pic was inappropriate

but arresting him? Did he have some type of record of violence or was it just because he was black?

I'd be curious as to what made

the shotgun go off in 2nd clip. I didn't see anything near the trigger.Whatever he was doing was stupid.

The second amendment is not

for the protection of hunting.

No politician is his right mind would propose that...

...but there are members here who would like that.

Bank robber shot and killed by security officer in Flint bank lobby


"The man was apparently attempting to rob the Chase Bank and he was shot by a security guard in the lobby, police said.

The man entered the bank lobby and produced a long gun from under his coat.

The two security guards on staff ordered the man to drop the weapon and drew their weapons on the gunman, police said."

I'm surprised by this, I thought the usual thing to do was let the robber rob the place.

What's the connection

between gold and guns?

I don't think that would appease anyone..

...I'm surprised I haven't heard his comments about having more "flexibility" with gun control after he gets re-elected than I have.

Your comment is exactly why many

people are against assault weapon bans and magazine size restrictions. Even if they think a magazine size restriction is reasonable and won't affect them they know it is just a first step toward complete banning of all guns.

The story of a gun: serial number abc-1234

Purchased in the 1980's used for target shooting and never misused. I think this would come close to describing 99.9% of firearms purchased.
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