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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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When and where is

this happening?

What kind of drone are we talking about?

An 'eye in the sky' drone? Or a killer drone?
Also, what is the difference between a killer drone and a cruise missile?

That was quite a leap you took

I didn't see words saying 'shoot cops'.

Not sure I understand...

...what Dorner has to do with this.

Not sure what you're going for here...

...but from the headline: unless the terms of the loan were changed after the student took out the loan; what is there to protest?

Modern day poll tax

Require all firearms owners to take an hours-long gun safety course every year, similar to what the state now requires for obtaining a concealed weapon permit

I'm sure the class won't be free and won't be at convenient times, so heck with the poor or the busy.

The bullet tax

penalizes law abiding people, who use thousands of rounds per year, because of what criminals do with the couple of bullets they buy per year. Not fair is it?

What's that in the air?

Do I smell lawsuit?

They are going to make them pay for it too?


I guess that's a better headline than:

"Kerry Drones On"

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