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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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I'm not sure how that would help my business...

...my customers are other small businesses. Joe Six-pack getting a raise isn't going to make use of my services. In fact I see a loss of business as my customers make cut backs.

And then you get to dig a hole in my back yard?

Do I get any compensation?

Looks like we are...

...getting our money's worth at least. Unlike Korea.


Can't tell. But there is a cost to making water potable. If there were no meters and no charge there would be no incentive to conserve it.

I just wear a hockey mask...

...children tend to run when I get near them, I don't know why.

A question about the graph...

...what does 'traditional' refer to?

The request by the father is repugnant...

...and I would have liked it if he been asked to go elsewhere.

I mentioned in a thread I started on this subject: Why would he choose to go to Hurley Hospital in Flint MI when he
could expect a large percentage of AA nurses working there?

Back to the nurses lawsuit; what loss did the RN have?

Why don't they go home?

I'm not familiar with the on call nurse concept.

But isn't that half the fun of a cruise?

Maybe not.

A passenger on Carnival Triumph predicted the problem on 2/7


Stay off the Triumph


Last week we sailed the Triumph and were very disapointed. For over half the cruise the motor couldn't run at full power so we missed Cozumel totally. The room lights were falling and the hallway outside our door smelled like sewage several times. This ship should be docked now. If you're booked on this ship, I'd op for another Carnival ship. This was our 4th Carnival trip. The other three were good ships.

The above was posted on 2/7/2013
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