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He only believes in states' rights when

they support the GOP agenda. If a state tries to institute a policy at odds with his preferred outcome, then it's the court that is suddenly sovereign and supreme.

Note also that the Montana ruling was a summary dismissal. A summary dismissal to find a 102 year-old law unconstitutional. Note, too, that immigration is and always has been (under our current constitution anyway) a federal matter, whereas the administration of elections has always been a perogative of the states.

No doubt the Montana case was summarily dismissed because Scalia and the other right-wing bretheren simply found the task of explaining why this pair of rulings contradicts the entire tradition of consitutional law in the United States.

Rick Scott wants to purge active-duty military

from the rolls. That's shameful, even to the GOP base.

Voting by non-citizens is not a problem in this country: we actually have a tough time getting citizens to vote. Anyone who has ever registered voters kjnows that this is true. If you are a green card holder in the process of naturalization, the last thing you want to do is to draw attention to yourself by registering illegally to vote. If you're an undoctumented worker, the last thing you want to do is to draw government attention to yourself, period.

Here in North Carolina, we have a burgeoning population of people who come here from all over the world. I have spoken with many ineligible immigrants while registering voters: none of them has ever expressed interest in registering. They know they are ineligible. Eligible immigrants, people who have become citizens, also self-identify, know more about their voting rights than most native-born citizens, and are often already registered.

It's another manufactured GOP non-problem. The funny thing is that many folks in the GOP seem to have a hard time understanding why folks who become naturalized citizens (excluding Cuban-Americans and a few other groups) won't become Republicans, when the GOP itself has been doing things such as this that tell these communities that they don't want their votes, and then they enact these schemes that inevitiably also target naturalized citizens. The mind boggles at why the GOP has any puzzlement at this--the lack of cognitive dissonance here is shocking.

Income inequality is what's dragging this economy down

It's why the recovery has been so slow: the middle class, which ought to be the engine of economic growth, simply does not have enough gas in the tank to turn around after a recession, especially after 30 years of stagnating wages that have only been compensated for by debt (which does not work in the long run) and by women working more hours outside the home.

Progressives and Democrats have done a poor job of telling this story.

"It is no accident that the periods in which the broadest cross sections of Americans have reported higher net incomes—when inequality has been reduced, partly as a result of progressive taxation—have been the periods in which the U.S. economy has grown the fastest."

It is a compelling story, mainly because it's true. If you contrast the facts of the case with the Republican "argument," a univariate analysis wherein the top marginal tax rate wholly determines economic growth, a story already falsified by the laboratory of history, it could help to get us back on track to creating a new majority Democratic coalition, the likes of which we have not seen since the Johnson administration.
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