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Member since: Thu Jun 30, 2005, 11:25 PM
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Some ideas for protecting yourself from a-holes in stores

My daughter is a nurse in an ICU, now COVID unit. She quickly learned people treat you like you are a leper when you are wearing scrubs these days. If she has to go shopping on her days off, she always puts on clean scrubs as well as her mask. People not only stay 6 feet away from you, most of them leave the aisle you are in at record speed.

Then just saw this on facebook and loved it so am sharing it here

Well, it finally happened today, I knew it would eventually, so I was ready. I came out of Walmart with my mask on and keeping six feet away from everyone, I pushed my cart to my car, all the while wearing my face mask. A man was getting out of his car next to me with no mask. As I'm putting groceries into my car he says, "Let me guess - you're a liberal - ‘cause that mask ain't gonna do anything for you except make you look stupid." In anticipation of this happening, I was ready with my response. I said, "Look, I woke up this morning with a temperature of 102 (I didn't), plus I work around hundreds of people in close quarters (I don’t),so this mask is for your protection, not mine. How about I take it off and we hug like old friends?" I stepped toward him and acted as if I was taking off my mask. He stepped back away from me and went across to the next row of cars. I followed him, he kept walking away.
Copied from a friend.

Feel free to add other ideas and stay safe out there.
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