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Member since: Thu Jun 30, 2005, 11:25 PM
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Breanna Taylor's protest peaceful in Pittsburgh


My grandson is starting to feel better. Thank you to everyone that sent good wishes.

One of my grandson's has COVID.

He is in the Coast Guard and we think he contracted it from someone that had just returned from leave. He is isolated in his own apartment, has the stomach and intestinal symptoms and a cough and low grade fever. A member of the medical staff from the ship is dropping off food and meds for him.
My daughter, his mother, is an ICU nurse in Virginia. She has an almost daily view of this virus so I am also worried about her.

It is something that will touch everyone of us in one way or another whether someone we know is dealing with it, has died from it or we simply will not be able to see or hug family members just to keep them safe.

So we all need to have someplace we can express our feelings and vent our frustrations and even our rage over the fact that it never had to get this damn bad in the first place and to this day there are uncaring jackasses out there that are making it's containment impossible.


Written by a nurse in today's hospital environment

Remember 3 months ago when everyone cared about healthcare employees? We received lots of check-in phone calls and texts, countless prayers for safety and well-being, and sweet care packages, all to remind us that we were essential... and appreciated. There were signs stuck into the ground in front of every hospital saying “Heroes work here” and employees were proud to be there.
But all of that support has seemed to disappear.
But you know what hasn’t disappeared? The stress on the healthcare workers during this pandemic. And if you think for one second that three months ago was the worst of it, here is some news for you.
You see, 3 months ago people believed in it. They wanted to keep everyone and themselves safe. So all those “elective” surgeries were postponed. All the doctor office visits were virtual so they couldn’t smell rotting wounds through the computer. People who probably needed to come to the ER didn’t, in fear of contracting this virus. People put off treatment and preventative procedures and delayed care for as long as they could in hopes that this would be done with by now.
But it’s not done. IT’S WORSE.
Not only is COVID worse, but the hospitals and patients are back in full swing. Hospital censuses are full. ERs are having to stack patients wall to wall and are treating patients in the waiting room, literally. ORs are back operating. Research, resource and additional nurses in hospitals are pulled back to bedside nursing. And somehow there still seems to be a shortage of staff.
It’s not only nurses either, but clinical techs, phlebotomists, respiratory therapists, PT/OTs, dietary staff, housekeepers... everyone is being effected.
And still... a nurse who has 6 patients to take care of gets reprimanded for forgetting to chart a medication. A tech who has a 14-patient load is still expected to bathe everyone who can’t bathe themselves in the proper concentrated anti-microbial soap. A phlebotomist gets written up for drawing a stat lab 15 minutes late. Everyone is still expected to perform A+ care in a C- environment.
Most importantly, all that was mentioned above is only what goes on in hospital settings. This doesn’t even begin to touch the home life of healthcare workers. Mothers and fathers who are healthcare employees are scared to bring this home to their families. Employees who are on sick leave getting weekly COVID swabs until they’re negative and can come back to work, just to potentially contract it again. Spouses who go home and don’t talk for an hour because they just “need a minute”.
~ Don’t worry, this post is almost over.
Maybe this is rambling and maybe you don’t care. But maybe It’s necessary to say because it feels as though essential voices are being muffled by these masks. This is what healthcare workers deal with every day at work. Regardless of individual stances on COVID... be nice to healthcare workers and hospital employees, because the stress is real.

Some ideas for protecting yourself from a-holes in stores

My daughter is a nurse in an ICU, now COVID unit. She quickly learned people treat you like you are a leper when you are wearing scrubs these days. If she has to go shopping on her days off, she always puts on clean scrubs as well as her mask. People not only stay 6 feet away from you, most of them leave the aisle you are in at record speed.

Then just saw this on facebook and loved it so am sharing it here

Well, it finally happened today, I knew it would eventually, so I was ready. I came out of Walmart with my mask on and keeping six feet away from everyone, I pushed my cart to my car, all the while wearing my face mask. A man was getting out of his car next to me with no mask. As I'm putting groceries into my car he says, "Let me guess - you're a liberal - ‘cause that mask ain't gonna do anything for you except make you look stupid." In anticipation of this happening, I was ready with my response. I said, "Look, I woke up this morning with a temperature of 102 (I didn't), plus I work around hundreds of people in close quarters (I don’t),so this mask is for your protection, not mine. How about I take it off and we hug like old friends?" I stepped toward him and acted as if I was taking off my mask. He stepped back away from me and went across to the next row of cars. I followed him, he kept walking away.
Copied from a friend.

Feel free to add other ideas and stay safe out there.

Nat'l Guard and MPD shooting paintball at people on their own porches


Share widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own front porch. Yelling “light em up” #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorge #BlackLivesMatter

COVID19 at Walmart


Donald Trump Just Accused Healthcare Workers Stealing And Selling Face Masks

Source: MSN

Donald Trump has accused hospital workers in New York of stealing and possibly selling face masks “out the back door” during an astounding press conference on Sunday evening.

Standing in the White House’s Rose Garden the president asked reporters to look into the supposed illegal activity but provided no evidence to back up his claims aside from increased demand for supplies from hospitals swamped by the coronavirus pandemic.

“For years [suppliers] have been delivering ten to twenty thousand masks. OK, it’s a New York hospital and it’s packed all the time but how do you go from ten to twenty thousand to 300,000?”

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/donald-trump-just-accused-healthcare-workers-stealing-and-selling-face-masks/ar-BB11SH5t?ocid=sf

Secretary Of Interior Orders Mashpee Wampanoag Reservation 'Disestablished,' Tribe Says

The move without a court order signals that reservations across the United States could be taken out of trust at the discretion of the secretary of the interior, Pierite said.

"For the federal government, it could mean a situation in which hundreds of tribes seek reaffirmation through an act of Congress, as the Massachusetts delegation has done," Pierite said.


The Thugs must want something that is on that land. Natural Gas, oil or something of value they can make money off of.

Sometimes you just need to smile


Hopefully it works here.
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