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Member since: Thu Jun 30, 2005, 11:25 PM
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Seeing red over map of hatred- map of hate tweets

The red stains spread out across the maps of the US like bruises or the ink blots of a Rorschach test. They are maps of hate speech, as gathered via Twitter and analysed and plotted by a team of researchers led by the Humboldt University geography professor Monica Stephens.
During the 2012 campaign, Dr Stephens noted the surge of racist tweets made about President Barack Obama, and decided to plot those that were sent with a geocode - an electronic pinpoint - to see if some areas appeared to be more racist than others.
In that early project she discovered that two of the hotspots were Mississippi and Alabama, states that voted strongly against the president and have a history of poor race relations.
Intrigued, she and a group of students decided to map hatred across America using the same method - plotting the location of tweets made with derogatory use of terms such as ''nigger'' and ''fag''.

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/world/seeing-red-over-map-of-hatred-20130810-2rork.html#ixzz2bggl1oYM

It is really eyeopening. There more hot spots than one would think there are. The ability to remain anonymous seems to get people to let their guard down and show what they really are.

Man Blows Up Dog That ‘Has The Devil’ In Him, Thinks World Is Ending

I wish I were making this story up, but unfortunately, I’m not.

In one of the most bizarre acts I have ever personally heard of, a man from Skamania County, Washington, a rural part of the state close to the Oregon border, blew up his dog, a labrador retriever named ‘Cabella’ because his ex-girlfriend had given it to him and “put the devil in it.”

Christopher Dillingham, 45, allegedly attached an explosive device to his dog and detonated it around 4 a.m. Sunday outside his home.
Dillingham, according to KOIN, was preparing for the Rapture. Apparently, that included making an explosive device out of black powder used for fireworks, and throwing furniture and other belongings out of a broken window in his house. When asked why he was throwing objects out of his house, Dillingham told police that he believed “the souls of demons” were inside the metal objects in the house.


Racism? There is no racism in this country.

Florida man shoots neighbor in the face and tells police ‘I only shot a ni**er’

A Port St. Joe, Florida man arrested for shooting his neighbor in the face allegedly admitted his crime to police, with a strange excuse.

Walter Henry Butler, 59, was arrested by Gulf County Sheriffs deputies after shooting Everett Gant, who is black. Gant was shot in the face after he confronted Butler about using racial slurs to address children living in the apartment complex where the two men reside.

Deputies said Butler admitted to shooting the victim, and even called 911 himself to report it, after which he reportedly went back to cooking his dinner. According to reports, officers on the scene said Butler seemed annoyed by the arrest and told officers, “I only shot a ni—r.


Logan Stevenson, Two-Year-Old 'Best Man' at Parents' Wedding, Has Died

Logan Stevenson, the 2-year-old boy who served as best man at his parents wedding on Saturday, has died.

He passed away Monday evening in the arms of his mother, Christine Swidorsky, according to USA Today.

"Today Logan was doing very bad his breathing was very rapid then slowing down," Swidorsky posted on Facebook late Monday night. A hospice worker confirmed the tiny toddler, who suffered from Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder, was dying.

"Sean and I held him all day he was comfortable with his medication then at 8:18 my son took his last breath in my arms," she wrote, noting sadness and disbelief.

"He is with angels and he's in no more pain. no more sickness no more hospitals ... God bless Logan I'll c u in my dreams my son."


Gilberton officials demand inventory of suspended police chief's guns Read more: http://www.mcall.c

Gilberton officials want an inventory of embattled police Chief Mark Kessler's firearms registered in the borough's name.
And they want Kessler, who was suspended last week over his profane, pro-gun YouTube videos, to scrub the Internet of any reference to his employment as Gilberton's police chief.
In a letter to Kessler through his lawyer last week, Gilberton Solicitor Karen L. Domalakes said officials have been made aware that Kessler purchased many guns in the name of the borough police department.
"At this time we are requesting an inventory of the weapons currently registered in the name of the Borough of Gilberton Police Department. We also need to know the location of these guns," Domalakes said in the letter dated Thursday.


Putting the nail in the phony-scandal coffin

The Democratic posture on the so-called "scandals" that erupted in May has clearly shifted as more information has come to light. When the IRS controversy first began in the spring, Democratic officials were quick to condemn any political favoritism or unfair treatment based.

But as the "scandal" evaporated into nothing, Dems apparently realized it was time to stop criticizing IRS misdeeds that apparently didn't happen, and it's time to start mocking Republicans relentlessly for making baseless allegations with no foundation in reality.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee released this video yesterday, which is just a brutal takedown of Republican claims. This week, instead of doing real work, House GOP leaders are eager to hold "message" votes related to the IRS story, but as the video makes clear, there is no IRS story. Republicans raised specific questions, which have been answered. They raised specific allegations, which have been discredited.


House GOP Defunds ACORN Yet Again, Even Though ACORN Does Not Exist

WASHINGTON -- The House GOP quietly blocked funding for ACORN last week, even though the anti-poverty organization has long since been both defunded and disbanded.

The legislative assault on ACORN, which shut down in 2010, was included in a Department of Defense appropriations bill that cleared the House on Thursday. Although the bill passed by a broad, bipartisan margin of 315-97, it garnered attention for an amendment proposed by Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) that would have stopped the government from collecting masses of phone call metadata without reasonable suspicion.

Amash's amendment failed, but language to bar ACORN from receiving any money made the final cut. Section 8097 of the bill reads, "None of the funds made available under this Act may be distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or its subsidiaries."


The EPA is Coming! The EPA is Coming!!

The House of Representatives has devoted an astonishing number of hours to debating and trying to repeal what is commonly referred to as “Obamacare.”

House Speaker John Boehner cheerfully explain on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “You’re going to see a lot more [votes to thwart Obamacare].” Given that somewhat dismal prospect (if one is not numbered among those who find that a productive use of the political body’s skills) it was reassuring to learn that there is one member of the House able to address something other than health care. That person is Marsha Blackburn (R. Tenn.).

The issue that Ms. Blackburn has demonstrated an interest in addressing is the movement of hot air. Since that is her interest and since she is a member of Congress the immediate assumption is that she wanted to address the verbal flatulence produced by that body. That was not, sadly, the case. The hot air that concerns her is the hot air that is circulated by the ceiling fan and it is that device that concerns her.

Thanks to Ms. Blackburn’s attentiveness, the ceiling fan is protected from the EPA. She and Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) added an amendment to the fiscal year 2014 energy-and-water appropriations bill that will prevent the Energy Department from using any money in that bill to implement or enforce energy efficient standards for ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits. That is great news and having dispensed with that issue, Ms. Blackburn and Mr. Rokita can rejoin their colleagues in focusing their attention on Obamacare. In celebration of their success it would be nice if they could schedule a vote to repeal Obamacare before the five-week recess that begins August 3 and follows, by three weeks, the Fourth of July recess.

When they actually succeed in doing something, it is the wrong thing to do. That being said, it is almost better that they are not doing anything at all.

Satanists hold ritual to turn homophobic church(Westboro) founder’s mother gay ‘in the afterlife’

A Satanist group, the Satanic Temple, has held a ‘Pink Mass’ at the grave of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps’ mother, and have claimed that she “is now gay, in the afterlife”.

The Satanic Temple posted photographs online of the reading of an incarnation, and same-sex couples “expressing their love”, by kissing over the grave of Fred Phelps Jr’s mother Catherine Johnston.

On the website westboro-baptist.com, owned by the Satanic Temple and not affiliated with the church of the same name, are images of the ceremony, and a description of proceedings.

It reads: “Catherine Idalette Johnston, wife of Fred W Phelps, Sr, Mother to Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, Jr, was honored in a ceremonial ‘Pink Mass’, performed by The Satanic Temple, at her gravesite. The Pink Mass is a Satanic ritual performed at the grave site of a deceased person, which changes the sexual orientation of that person in the afterlife.”


Christian Group ‘Accidentally’ Sends Michele Bachmann A Vibrator

Fresh on the heels of the revelation from soon-to-be-ex-congresswoman Michele Bachmann that she would like to spank President Obama and take his “magic wand” away from him, we learn that a conservative religious group mailed her a gift that they thought she could use: a vibrator.

According to BuzzFeed, Rex Elsass, CEO of the conservative Christian political consulting firm Strategy Group For Media, “accidentally” sent Bachmann “female pleasure machines.” BuzzFeed reports that Elsass had intended to send Bachmann a head massager to help with her migraines, but the employee who was tasked to purchase the massager bought something that was described as more closely resembling a sex toy.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/17/michele-bachmann-vibrator/#ixzz2ZPgfQTm1

She is so dumb she would not know what it was for.
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