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Member since: Fri Jun 24, 2005, 09:34 PM
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Fun at the polls.

So, when I went to vote on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember the day), I got approached by somebody asking me if I knew who the conservative judges were. I said I didn't remember them all, so I took a peek and then voted the opposite inside. lol. I knew there were only three seats and they all had a Dem and a Republican in them.

Today, I was giving out Democratic voting guides in regards to judges and the board of education. The elderly people were usually like "No thank you." lol. I figured it was a toss up because they might be Republican for social reasons and Democrat for others. However, most seemed to refuse my flyer.

One guy was funny. He was like "Do you think I'm stupid?" He'd joke around with us, but I knew he was Republican. The one thing I like about doing political work in the bigger cities is that people don't just assume one is the enemy just for being part of a different party.

I wish I could be more objective when it comes to judges. However, the conservative judges are flat out saying we should vote for them because they're conservative. I don't want conservative or liberal judges. I want judges who make decisions based on what the law and the constitution says. The conservative argument is that only they do that. The fact that they think the law and the constitution is all conservative tells me they're not objective enough to be judge.

Just thought I'd share my election experiences. It's fun. I'm still ready for it to be over, but it's fun.
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