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Member since: Sun Jun 19, 2005, 01:06 PM
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Can someone please give me the low down

--on why there isn't a listing for so-called conspiracy theories? At least I can't find a listing which I guess is why 911 is no longer very active. It seems to have slid into oblivion compared to what it once was.

--on why there aren't separate listings for all the States, Australia, Canada, England, etc. I used to find those listings helpful if I was looking for news specific to each of the States and the various other countries.

--What is this forum's recognized definition of a conspiracy theory? I'm guessing it's simply any alternative explanation to the government's official explanation of whatever issue.

While this board is owned and operated by private parties who unilaterally decide what may or may not be discussed, it still would be nice to know why conspiracy theories are so reviled.

Hope that now my computer is said to be fixed, it will hang in there so I can come back and be enlightened by some answers. Whatever answers I get, I'm not looking to get into any kind of debate. As a born again iconoclast on anything government or religion, such a discussion would only serve to get me into trouble. Thus, I just plan to read whatever you guys put forward. Thanks!!

Posted by AlwaysQuestion | Wed Feb 22, 2012, 11:37 PM (13 replies)
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