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Hometown: Upstate NY
Current location: NY's 21st District
Member since: Thu Jun 9, 2005, 06:00 PM
Number of posts: 24,259

Journal Archives

This still gets to me... 'The Greatest Speech' by Charlie Chaplin

This video using Chaplin's moving speech from, The Great Dictator, was created in 2016 and uses many fairly recent images. Sadly his words are very pertinent again.

Randy Rainbow: The Terrifying, Tolerance-Promoting 'Beauty and the Beast' (video for NYTs)

According to Randy's Tweet about this, "I was asked by @nytimes what I thought of the new tolerance-promoting Beauty & the Beast. Don't worry - I told them" and he certainly did and in his own unique and awesome (IMO) way.


Trumpcare Raids Medicare To Enrich The Wealthy And Plant A Bomb

I'm just hoping like heck the Senate stops this murderous crap cold and Republican buttwipes pulling this bs pay a huge price at the polls for decades to come.

While the media has highlighted the impact on Medicaid and on seniors not yet on Medicare, few have spotlighted the roadmap of destruction obviously in the works for Medicare itself. Trumpcare plants the bomb, where it will remain until the Republicans detonate it later this year and blow up Medicare.

The Republicans have certainly telegraphed their ultimate plans. Speaker Paul Ryan has been advocating the dismantling of Medicare for years. Consistent with that, as soon as the election ended, Ryan announced his intention to enact 2017 legislation ending Medicare. Ryan’s plan would force all seniors and people with disabilities onto the private market, arming them only with inadequate voucher coupons. So, that 64-year-old spending more than half her income on her premium will get no reprieve from her cat-food diet when she turns age 65.

Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Tom Price, has also been clear about the Republicans’ plans. Against all evidence, Price claims that “nothing has had a greater negative effect on the delivery of health care than the federal government’s intrusion into medicine through Medicare.” Of course, the exact opposite is true. Medicare saves lives. It allows seniors and people with disabilities, those with the greatest health needs, to obtain life-saving health care.

Now here’s the ticking time bomb: Trumpcare raids Medicare of $117 billion and puts it into the pockets of the rich. That raiding of Medicare, along with a provision that increases Medicare’s hospital payments by $43 billion, paves the way for further destructive action later in the year.

Pentatonix Uses Cover of Lennon's 'Imagine' To Support Inclusivity

It literally brought tears to my eyes...

"We Never Win and We Dont Fight to Win" Trump Attacks Military During Speech

I think this is one of the things that bugs me the most about Jenner...

and other Tantrump voters.

Trump was so incredibly out there and who he is has always been so very obvious, good grief he damn near wore a flashing neon sign for Pete's sake. They had to have chosen (subconsciously or consciously) to ignore it all. It's been like watching a crazy 'Jim Jones's type cult about to suck down the grape Flavor Aid by the bucket full and no matter what facts and evidence, even in Trump's own words, will dissuade them.

Some supporters I feel a tiny quark of sympathy for because I see why/how they've been suckered in but Jenner has easy access to real information, differing POVs and I simply don't buy that she's the archetypical jock who's supposedly dumber than a box of rocks (but often not).

LoL! Why yes, Sean, they DID "nail it."

Apparently Sean lacks reading comprehension skills as much as truth telling ones.


ALTERNATIVE FACTS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody (ft. Kellyanne Conway)

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