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Robbins's Journal
Robbins's Journal
May 23, 2016

Bernie supporters being proven right

many of us on DU said clinton could lose to trump or she would struggle against him.we we told no no way people will vote Trump
well now polls are showing she could lose to trump.

Polls are also showing there are voters who would vote for bernie in a bernie VS trump matchup but when faced with clinton Vs
Trump would rather see trump instead of clinton win.this doesn't surprise me eather with how this primary has gone with all
the voter fraud and with bernie supporters called every name in the book around here by clinton supporters and elsewhere.and
how both clintons have attacked bernie supporters.while many bernie supporters on DU likely wouldn't vote for trump there are
those who would.

what clinton supporters forget is study shows 17% of clinton primary supporters in 2008 voted for mccain instead of Obama.

Many of us can see Clinton for what she is.her supporters can claim all they want she is liberal and cherrypick her senate votes to
say this but it's not true and we can see it.She moved to right during the primary to attack bernie.yeah she can claim when she has victorys she would take bernie's ideas or claims she goes further than bernie but that isn't true.

Some of us tried to warn people but they dismissed us.

Trump and GOP hasn't even beguin to go full on clinton yet.and they think her numbers will improve?

Dems forget while they can commit voter fraud for primarys and keep bernie supporters out we can vote in GE.

People want change.CLinton isn't it.Attacking those who support bernie who want change.and attacking the candiate of change aren't going to help.what the dem establishment did to try to force clinton as nominee isn't going to make people vote for her.

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Lifelong dem.Liberal.white supporter of civil rights of all.anti-free trade deals and anti-death penality.oppose more war in middle east
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