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Robbins's Journal
Robbins's Journal
April 9, 2016

from twitter-apparently clinton is cheating again

Bernie was winning untill they brought in "Surrogate Ballots" in one county


April 7, 2016

All i have to say

IS coming online and hearing bernie letting clinton have it is

let her have it.They want a war give her hell Bernie!

There isn't a thing he said i disagreed with about her.

She has lied about him and tried to swiftboat him of course now she is victim

Clinton is a mockery calling herself a democrat

The party is at crossroads.They have chance to survive or fall into irrelevancy.

here is hint to survive they need bernie.

April 6, 2016

100% In from wisconsin-Bernie 56.6 Clinton 43.1

clinton won 1 county-Milwaukee

now let's compare gop'

Cruz-48.2 Trump 35.1 Kasich 14.1

Bernie's win over clinton is slightly higher than cruz over trump but you wouldn't know that from MSM.Bernie got most votes yesterday in wis-567,936 Cruz-531,129

out of pleged delegates in wis-Bernie 47 Clinton 36

It seems strange that clinton wins 1 county and yet gets 11 less delegates than Bernie.

April 6, 2016

97% in bernie wins by 13 points 56.4 to 43.3

Bernie has won burnett county 50.3 to clinton 49.4.clinton was ahead there before.

Clinton won just 2 countys in wisconsin

Polk 53.7 to bernie's 44.0

milwaukee 51.8 to bernie 48.0

April 6, 2016

from twitter-apparently bernie won female vote in wis today

50% to 49% according to cnn's exit poll.

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Lifelong dem.Liberal.white supporter of civil rights of all.anti-free trade deals and anti-death penality.oppose more war in middle east
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