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Seriously?? H1-B visas for fashion models?? (from Melania Trump story)

One version of the Melania story has that she initially came here on an H1-B visa. You know, the visa that is supposed to be for "highly skilled workers" so that America can create scientific and technical innovations, or something?

Sorry, I don't see fashion modeling as in that category. Although I detest the way I see the H-1B visa program currently being abused, I'm actually not totally opposed to it on a much more limited level, for truly accomplished and unique talents in STEM fields. I just don't see fashion modeling as being relevant in that way.


Most models use H1-B3 visas. Models seeking H1-B3s must be 'of distinguished merit or ability' - they do not have to be graduates, unlike most other H1-B applicants.

I would REALLY like to hear Clinton say that she wants to seriously look at the use and abuse of the H1-B visa program.
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