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Douglas Carpenter

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Corry (Erie County), Pennsylvania 16407
Home country: USA
Current location: Saipan, U.S. Commonweath of the Northern Mariana Islands
Member since: Wed Jun 1, 2005, 07:56 PM
Number of posts: 20,226

Journal Archives

O'Malley called critics of his policy "ideologues on the left.

O'Malley still believes that 100,000 arrests in a city of 600,000 is a great ide.

BALTIMORE —Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday she will not combat crime by returning to the days of so-called mass arrests of minor offenses.

In an opinion-editorial piece published Wednesday in The Baltimore Sun, Gov. Martin O'Malley stepped up his campaign to get the city to go back to what he did when he was mayor: have a policing policy that led to more than 100,000 arrests per year -- many for minor offenses.

The mayor and governor are widely seen as friends, but they are not on the same page on this issue and the continuing debate, the mayor said, is causing many communities to worry.

"Homicides are going up for the second year in a row, and shootings are up year to date. Why? I believe it has to do with the fact that enforcement levels have fallen to a 13-year low," the governor wrote.

O'Malley called critics of his policy "ideologues on the left." . . .

"Honest minds can differ, but this honest mind is also fact-dependent, and the data show that more arrests didn't lead to a safer city," Rawlings-Blake countered Wednesday.

The mayor's office produced a chart showing a steady decline in violent crime since 2006 -- the year O'Malley left City Hall -- and arrests reached their peak. It was to counter a chart produced by the governor to argue otherwise.

In some communities, the tactic was known as "the bad old days" when so many people got locked up that the line at Central Booking was long.

More: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/maryland/baltimore-city/mayor-vows-not-to-return-to-days-of-mass-arrests-in-baltimore/22118078
Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Tue Dec 1, 2015, 12:43 PM (1 replies)

Ted Cruz's 'Transgendered Leftist' Claim About Planned Parenthood Shooter Emerged From Far-Right Web

SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Monday, 11/30/2015 10:40 am

When asked yesterday about reports that the shooter who killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs said “no more baby parts” to law enforcement officers, Ted Cruz said that he read reports that the shooter was actually “a transgendered leftist activist,” while graciously adding that he wouldn’t blame the “rhetoric of the left” for the attack.

Unsurprisingly, according to a campaign spokesman, Cruz found his information about the shooter’s political and gender identity on a right-wing blog.

Far-right outlets such as The Gateway Pundit, Young Conservatives and WorldNetDaily have been implying that what appears to be a typo on the attacker’s voter registration form may mean that he in fact identified as a woman. Cruz’s campaign spokesman cited a blog post on The Right Scoop by a blogger named “soopermexican,” titled “WAS THE COLORADO SHOOTER A TRANSGENDER PERSON?!?!”

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer also suggested that a webpage typo was proof that “low info media narrative collapses”:

None of these posts, however, suggested that the shooter was a “leftist,” which seems to be a unique Cruz creation. Family members and friends described the shooter as a conservative who abhorred President Obama.

Cruz seems to be doing whatever it takes to make sure people don’t see an attack on Planned Parenthood, one of several attacks that occurred this year, as an attack on Planned Parenthood.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/ted-cruzs-transgendered-leftist-claim-about-planned-parenthood-shooter-emerged-far-right-web#sthash.5p2DwlD5.dpuf
Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 AM (7 replies)

Week After Armed Anti-Islam Protest, Hundreds Show Support for Irving’s Mosque

Posted by Bobby Rodrigo on Nov 29, 2015 in General, Top News Stories


About 200 people lined up outside the Islamic Center of Irving on Saturday afternoon. Cold but mostly dry, they stood for hours with signs of friendship and support for religious freedom, and they hugged worshippers who drifted over from the mosque.

A dozen men and women with long guns stood in the same spot a week earlier, convinced that the Quran preached violence and declaring that Islam must not be allowed to spread.

“It turned my stomach,” said Bob Maryan, one of many in Saturday’s crowd who had never been to a demonstration. He usually spends his days in downtown Dallas, working in corporate business development.

Behind him, a girl in a pink headscarf wandered through the crowd, mouth agape as people thrust flowers toward her.

“Holding guns where little kids study … it’s just being a coward,” said Maleeha Aziz, 22, who emigrated from Pakistan to Dallas about four years ago. Her sign read: “Terrorism, NOT in my name.”

Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Sun Nov 29, 2015, 11:02 PM (4 replies)

When a group of clergy gathered outside of a Cleveland abortion clinic,they did something surprising

They blessed the facility. by Billy Hallowell

A group of 15 Christian ministers and rabbis came together outside of the Preterm clinic, where they conducted a blessing that was possibly the first-ever of its kind in Ohio, The Plain Dealer reported.

Joined by around 30 clinic staff and past patients, they sang together and offered support for the clinic and the women going in.

The gathering was organized by the Rev. Laura Young of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a pro-choice group.

Young, a United Methodist Minister, told the Plain Dealer that the gathering was put together ”because too many religious people are hurling shame and hate at women seeking abortion, when we should be offering compassion, care and spiritual healing.”

Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Sun Nov 29, 2015, 06:57 PM (3 replies)

Anti-Islam Group Posts Muslims' Personal Info on Facebook

Irving, Texas, is becoming a hotbed of Islamophobia.

by Willa Frej - Reporter, The Huffington Post

An anti-Islam group in the Dallas, Texas, suburb of Irving publicized the names and addresses of over 60 Muslims and Muslim "sympathizers" on its Facebook page.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne accused Irving's Muslim community of using Sharia law to bypass state and federal legislation to mediate disputes through an Islamic tribunal. The Islamic Center of Irving issued a statement that denies the existence of a Sharia court but confirms the existence of a tribunal.

Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas/Fort Worth branch of CAIR, said the publication marked the first time she had felt slightly alarmed over anti-Islamic sentiment. “As bad as things have gotten in the past, and especially recently, this is the first time where I see people taking this public," she told the Dallas Morning News.

Others on the list fear the consequences of their personal information getting into the wrong hands.

The post has yet to be taken down from Facebook, which goes against the website's Community Standards. Facebook policy is to remove content when it presents a "genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety."

Irving also happens to be the home of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy of Sudanese origin whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb at school.

Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Fri Nov 27, 2015, 02:39 AM (1 replies)

A Scottish Nationalist Newspaper made sure that Syrian Refugees were greeted by three words.


Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Mon Nov 23, 2015, 08:29 PM (18 replies)

35 Haunting Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil People In History -You never think of them as children

here is something really chilling:

Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Mon Nov 23, 2015, 05:39 PM (5 replies)

National Association of Evangelicals Calls for continued resettlment of refugees

November 17, 2015

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) calls for the United States to continue distinguishing between terrorists and the victims of terrorism when deciding refugee policy.

“Of course we want to keep terrorists out of our country, but let’s not punish the victims of ISIS for the sins of ISIS,” said Leith Anderson, NAE president.

“We are horrified and heartbroken by the terrorist atrocities in Paris, but must not forget that there are thousands more victims of these same terrorists who are fleeing Syria with their families and desperately need someplace to go,”
he said.

The United States has a strong track record for screening refugee applicants, having processed more than three million refugees over the past four decades. It is more thorough and careful than the screening for tourist and student visas to the United States. A tourist with a French passport does not need screening or a visa; a refugee from Syria must pass multiple careful tests for eligibility.

As evangelicals we care about those in need one-person-at-a-time and urge our government to carefully screen individual refugees but not exclude a class of refugees from one or two countries where they have suffered.

Anderson said, “Our system is designed to keep terrorists out and to help desperate families with little children. We want to help the victims of terrorism in the Middle East, not punish them.”

Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Wed Nov 18, 2015, 07:42 PM (5 replies)

France Vows To Take In 30,000 Syrian Refugees, Makes Republicans Look Like Cowards

Author: Jameson Parker November 18, 2015 11:35 am

Despite the fear-mongering and the pressure from right-wing elements in both France and the United States, France’s president Francois Hollande renewed his vow to take in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and urged Parisians not to allow a few terrorists to stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

“30,000 refugees will be welcomed over the next two years. Our country has the duty to respect this commitment,” explaining that they will undergo vigorous security checks.

Hollande noted that “some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds,” but called it a “humanitarian duty” to help those people … but one that will go hand in hand with “our duty to protect our people.”

Thankfully, President Obama and many Democratic governors have stood firm against this growing xenophobic rhetoric. Like Hollande, Obama has vowed to uphold the United States’ moral duty by helping averting the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Middle East. At a recent press conference, he called out Republicans for their not-so-brave stances in the face of unfortunate victims of strife.

“At first they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of 3-year-old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”


Posted by Douglas Carpenter | Wed Nov 18, 2015, 03:11 PM (6 replies)
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