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Profile Information

Name: chris chick
Gender: Male
Hometown: Between Mt. Rainier and McKenna Wa.
Home country: Hanging in there but just barely
Current location: I am right here! (location subject to change depending on the weather).
Member since: Thu May 19, 2005, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 10,557

About Me

I am a fulltime chaperone to an aging pit-bull. She loves pigs-ears purchased from Stewerts Meat Market, long walks anywhere, feeding time and tummy rubs. We both enjoy disc golf, (golf with baskets instead of holes and fancy frisbees instead of golf balls), but for entirely different reasons. Fortunately for all she never acquired a taste for frisbees but she is a sucker for thrown rope-toys and balls. Her goal in life is to see an end to the nuisance that causes some toys to squeak when pressed by her chaperone. After the squeak has been eliminated, the toy is safe to be played with by anyone else because regardless of price it holds no further interest for her. Lastly: that is my real last name which means I can get away with calling myself a card carrying chick!

Journal Archives



This has been a test of my emergency broadcast system.

Thank you for your cooperation.

That is all.

Looking for recipe: cornish game-hen in may wine.

Decades ago I had a cookbook called 'The Foodstamp Gourmet'. It contained a dozen or so yummy recipes, all quite cheap to make. One of my favorites was corning game-hen in may wine. I have not made it in years and my copy of this cookbook is long gone. (Worse, that book sells on e-bay for far more than I am willing to pay). I wish to make this dish again, does anyone here have access to this recipe?

Solidarity; symbolism; enlightenment, some notions.

I think we need a symbol of solidarity that men and women can use in our fight against the gop's war on women. This symbol could be used as a lapel pin, an armband, found on a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, a yard sign and etc. This symbol should be simple and easily recognizable. If there is one out there already then let's push it, if not, then someone here could design it.

I believe that this symbol of solidarity would see much use in the run up to the election and should provide those using it the opportunity to spread the truths about the gop's war on women.

Furthermore I think it would be useful to have here in the DU a place dedicated to countering the gop talking points/lies/disinformation/propaganda in this war. Their misinformation comes directly out of corporate funded think tanks with a dynamic media machine to spread it. I for one, would find it useful to have quick access to the data and/or info that counters the crap put out there by this republican scream machine. It would make it easier for us to enlighten those we encounter who have only fox news to source.

A change in the medical treatment received by us veterans.

I have been going to the American Lake veterans hospital for my yearly physicals for years. Last month's scheduled exam included, (for the first time), a detailed questioning by a nurse. The questions were oriented around my mental health. When I asked about this change, I was informed that there is a push on by the V. A. to find and treat vets suffering from the effects of PTSD. The questions revealed issues I have carried with me from childhood. I was even offered treatment for this if I wanted it.

What I can conclude from this is that the V. A. is finally getting around to taking PTSD more seriously. Is it too little too late? Obviously! We know that our troops are being pushed to and through the limit. It is no stretch of the imagination to believe that there are walking timebombs currently among us. I could rant on further about what I think needs to be done but I wanted my report here to be about the changes I have personally seen. In my opinion, its a start.

I am a member of the community next to JBLM

City of Lakewood to be exact. I am a Vietnam era vet. We enjoy having a great many active as well as retired military families scattered throughout the area. As a member of this community I can report that we have had our share of grief, (the tragic loss of four of Lakewood's finest still stings hard), but I want you all to know that OUR troops at JBLM are not a problem around here. As a matter of fact, I am not alone in paying the tab at the bar or restaurant for a soldier when possible and my disc golf club has had the good fortune of getting to work with the Wounded Warrior Program. We appreciate what our troops have been through and we are grateful. I am of the opinion that JBLM is not the problem. The problem is with our military as a whole and stems from the way we have thrown our boys and girls into this insane war against the peoples of the middle east.

The stage is the show.

This is called projection mapping. Enjoy. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=i6FOyyC1SM0

Projection mapping.

From what I am told, this is state of the art in stage design. My daughter's boyfriend is the designer and head mucky-muck of this.....um....well not really sure what to call this gadgetry. I am told that anything imaginable can be used in the artwork. The video is about 5 minutes, I think the stage is in Utah for this particular show. Enjoy http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=i6FOyyC1SM0

Halo/Elder Scrolls combination

Halo has its fans and Elder Scrolls has its fans. Generally fans of one are not fans of the other. One is a fps, the other a rpg. I am a fan of both of these games. I believe that I have a way--a storyline to combine both games in a three game story arc. I would dearly like to pitch my idea to someone.... I just don't know how, where and to whom.

Was election fraud tactic used here?

My friend is an ex-republican precinct commander and religiously republican. He complained to me that when he got to his scheduled caucus meeting it had been held 2hrs earlier than scheduled and over with prior to his arrival. He claims he had no prior notification to a reschedule of this event. My friend was disappointed that he could not participate in this caucus, he being very active politically. I read somewhere there was a reschedule notice that went out ONLY to Washington State Romney supporters. Has anyone here heard anything like this or have any facts supporting or refuting this?
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