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Name: Carol
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Hometown: Northern California
Home country: USA
Current location: Office chair
Member since: Sun May 15, 2005, 01:28 PM
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About Me

I joined DU following the election melt down that produced the second George the Lesser Term of Office. I am outraged by war, by out-sourcing of jobs, by Corporate control of both parties, and enheartened by my fellow citizens who are bravely part of "Occupy!"

Journal Archives

General Wesley Clark - "Six Nations In Seven Years" Sept 20th 2001

As the more RW pundits state that is our lack of involvement in Syria that has created the situation occurring in Iraq, the exact opposite is true.

Although over the summer of 2013, Obama asked the American people to allow him to have us fully involved in a war against Syria, that war was already going on, with US support going clear back to Fall of 2011. Of course, in response to his request, the American people, sick and tired of the failed endless war policies that are costing us our Treasury and our children's blood, we only supported him in that request by some 17%. It is also true that if Obama had remembered who he had told us whe would be back in 2008, he would have never been able to make the request. After all, he was supposed to bring us "hope and change" not more of the status quo.

Our officials tell us that our support in the on going Syrian war has been only for the "moderates" but many of us know that is far from the truth. In fact, we suspect that our support has been given to the same Al Queda type elements that are now making up ISIS. And ISIS we are finding out, is the element seeks to grab Iraq and return it to the same Sunni style dictatorship that existed back when Saddam Hussein was the dictator there.


When you go to that site, it is well worth your time to view the entire Wesley Clark interview, in which he details how early after Nine Eleven plans were in the works to attack Iraq, for nor real reason.

Additionally, here is something to consider: reports are now sweeping through the US press detailing how many of the Iraq National Guard have surrendered before the onslaught of ISIS. Keep in mind that the troops we ahve so carefully trained and equipped to defend the new Iraq are greater in number than the ISIS combatants. Yet they have clearly left running off, afraid to face the enemy. Why?

Even Jon Stewart had some fun, as he showed photos of the cast off uniforms that the troops tossed away as they sought to get away from the enemy...

So this seems to me to be an indication of our utilizing new weaponry of modern day warfare. Among these weapons would be our ability to broadcast low resonance frequency waves that would disorient people and make it hard for them to concentrate, as well as their needing to try to overcome feelings of nausea. If this technology is combined with radio broadcast signals that also induce panic, the game is over for the troops that are so affected.

Here is a link and some text that has been on the internet for quite a while:


The March 23, 1991 newsbrief, "High-tech Psychological Warfare Arrives in the Middle East", describes a US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) tactic directed against Iraqi troops in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. The manoeuvre consisted of a system in which subliminal mind-altering technology was carried on standard radio- frequency broadcasts. The March 26, 1991 newsbrief states that among the standard military planning groups in the centre of US war planning operations at Riyadh was "an unbelievable and highly classified PsyOps program utilising 'silent sound' techniques". The opportunity to use this method occurred when Saddam Hussein's military command-and-control system was destroyed. The Iraqi troops were then forced to use commercial FM radio stations to carry encoded commands, which were broadcast on the 100 MHz frequency. The US PsyOps team set up its own portable FM transmitter, utilising the same frequency, in the deserted city of Al Khafji. This US transmitter overpowered the local Iraqi station. Along with patriotic and religious music, PsyOps transmitted "vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information".

Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to speak directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain's electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns and artificially implant negative emotional states - feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn't just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it, it implants that emotion in their minds.

I noticed that the ITV wire service was from outside the United States. Readers of Resonance may recall that in the Electromagnetic Weapons Timeline in issue no. 29, reference is made to the documentary video, Waco: The Big Lie Continues, which contained video footage of three EM weapons.


The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS sometimes called "S-quad" or "Squad". It was developed by Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, and is described in Patent #5,159,703, "Silent Subliminal Presentation System", dated, October 27, 1992. According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these "emotion signal clusters" on another computer and, at will, "silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being". The abstract for the patent reads:

"A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio-frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude- or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or acoustically, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener."
But Delphi, you might exclaim, the army that the Iraqi National guard is facing is not ours, but their new enemy ISIS. So how can you possibly blame the United States for what is happening to these troops in Iraq?

Well, perhaps you need to investigate ISIS with a bit of a critical mind, as Michael Collins did:


[h2][font color=red]"The further a society drifts from Truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." George Orwell [/h2][/font color=red]

Department of Homeland Security Gitmo's Immigrant kids

In recent weeks, large numbers of unaccompanied children, most of them from Central America, have been detained in the Rio Grande Valley and shipped to improvised holding centers. Obama has enlisted the Federal Emergency Management Agency to deal with what he calls an urgent humanitarian situation, best exemplified by a warehouse in Arizona currently holding more than 700 children. Other facilities are being prepared for use, including an army base in Oklahoma which will initially take in 600 children but which can hold up to 1,200 minors, according to senior administration officials.

More at the link below:


France announces its debt is illegal, hidden and should be torn up!

"The Guardian" has an international commentary on the findings of a French committee.

URL is here:


Debt audits show that austerity is politically motivated to favour social elites. Is a new working-class internationalism in the air?..

France made a decisive contribution to the reinvention of a radical politics for the 21st century. On that day, thecommittee for a citizen's audit (Link is here, but in francais http://www.audit-citoyen.org/) on the public debt issued a 30-page report on French public debt, its origins and evolution in the past decades. The report was written by a group of experts in public finances under the coordination of Michel Husson, one of France's finest critical economists. Its conclusion is straightforward: 60% of French public debt is illegitimate.

Anyone who has read a newspaper in recent years knows how important debt is to contemporary politics. As David Graeber among others has shown, we live in debtocracies, not democracies. Debt, rather than popular will, is the governing principle of our societies, through the devastating austerity policies implemented in the name of debt reduction. Debt was also a triggering cause of the most innovative social movements in recent years, the Occupy movement. If it were shown that public debts were somehow illegitimate, that citizens had a right to demand a moratorium – and even the cancellation of part of these debts – the political implications would be huge. It is hard to think of an event that would transform social life as profoundly and rapidly as the emancipation of societies from the constraints of debt. And yet this is precisely what the French report aims to do.


The report on French debt contains several key findings. Primarily, the rise in the state's debt in the past decades cannot be explained by an increase in public spending. The neoliberal argument in favour of austerity policies claims that debt is due to unreasonable public spending levels; that societies in general, and popular classes in particular, live above their means. But this is plain false. In the past 30 years, from 1978 to 2012 more precisely, French public spending has in fact decreased by two GDP points. What, then, explains the rise in public debt? First, a fall in the tax revenues of the state. Massive tax reductions for the wealthy and big corporations have been carried out since 1980. In line with the neoliberal mantra, the purpose of these reductions was to favor investment and employment. Well, unemployment is at its highest today, whereas tax revenues have decreased by five points of GDP.

Hence, the audit on the debt concludes, some 60% of the French public debt is illegitimate.
An illegitimate debt is one that grew in the service of private interests, and not the well being of the people. Therefore the French people have a right to demand a moratorium on the payment of the debt, and the cancellation of at least part of it. There is precedent for this: in 2008 Ecuador declared 70% of its debt illegitimate.


Of course, here in the USA, we have spending far beyond anything needed by anyone, (except the parasites who own the contracting DoD companies) for our Continual and Total Surveillance, The militarization of the police, and also the endless wars. (Twenty seven conflicts in Africa are supported by the USA as I type this.) So we are in much worse shape than France.


Solar Breakthrough from Oz Land:

World first: Australian solar plant has generated “supercritical” steam that rivals fossil fuels’
ScienceAlert Staff
Thursday, 05 June 2014
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A CSIRO test plant in Australia has broken a world record and proved solar power could efficiently replace fossil fuels.

A solar thermal test plant in Newcastle, Australia, has generated “supercritical” steam at a pressure of 23.5 mpa (3400 psi) and 570°C (1,058°F). CSIRO is claiming it as a world record, and it’s a HUGE step for solar thermal energy.

"It's like breaking the sound barrier; this step change proves solar has the potential to compete with the peak performance capabilities of fossil fuel sources," Dr Alex Wonhas, CSIRO’s Energy Director, told Colin Jeffrey for Gizmag. The Energy Centre uses a field of more than 600 mirrors (known as heliostats) which are all directed at two towers housing solar receivers and turbines, Gizmag reports.

This supercritical steam is used to drive the world’s most advanced power plant turbines, but previously it’s only been possible to produce it by burning fossil fuels such as coal or gas.
"Instead of relying on burning fossil fuels to produce supercritical steam, this breakthrough demonstrates that the power plants of the future could instead be using the free, zero emission energy of the sun to achieve the same result,” Dr Wonhas explained.


Decent graphics at above link, as well as a video and a bit more text.

A real scientist has to battle Corporate America:



From the article in The New Yorker:
In 2001, seven years after joining the biology faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, Tyrone Hayes stopped talking about his research with people he didn’t trust. He instructed the students in his lab, where he was raising three thousand frogs, to hang up the phone if they heard a click, a signal that a third party might be on the line. Other scientists seemed to remember events differently, he noticed, so he started carrying an audio recorder to meetings. “The secret to a happy, successful life of paranoia,” he liked to say, “is to keep careful track of your persecutors.”

Three years earlier, Syngenta, one of the largest agribusinesses in the world, had asked Hayes to conduct experiments on the herbicide atrazine, which is applied to more than half the corn in the United States. Hayes was thirty-one, and he had already published twenty papers on the endocrinology of amphibians. David Wake, a professor in Hayes’s department, said that Hayes “may have had the greatest potential of anyone in the field.” But, when Hayes discovered that atrazine might impede the sexual development of frogs, his dealings with Syngenta became strained, and, in November, 2000, he ended his relationship with the company.

Hayes continued studying atrazine on his own, and soon he became convinced that Syngenta representatives were following him to conferences around the world. He worried that the company was orchestrating a campaign to destroy his reputation. He complained that whenever he gave public talks there was a stranger in the back of the room, taking notes. On a trip to Washington, D.C., in 2003, he stayed at a different hotel each night. He was still in touch with a few Syngenta scientists and, after noticing that they knew many details about his work and his schedule, he suspected that they were reading his e-mails. To confuse them, he asked a student to write misleading e-mails from his office computer while he was travelling. He sent backup copies of his data and notes to his parents in sealed boxes. In an e-mail to one Syngenta scientist, he wrote that he had “risked my reputation, my name . . . some say even my life, for what I thought (and now know) is right.” A few scientists had previously done experiments that anticipated Hayes’s work, but no one had observed such extreme effects. In another e-mail to Syngenta, he acknowledged that it might appear that he was suffering from a “Napoleon complex” or “delusions of grandeur.”

For years, despite his achievements, Hayes had felt like an interloper. In academic settings, it seemed to him that his colleagues were operating according to a frivolous code of manners: they spoke so formally, fashioning themselves as detached authorities, and rarely admitted what they didn’t know. He had grown up in Columbia, South Carolina, in a neighborhood where fewer than forty per cent of residents finish high school. Until sixth grade, when he was accepted into a program for the gifted, in a different neighborhood, he had never had a conversation with a white person his age. He and his friends used to tell one another how “white people do this, and white people do that,” pretending that they knew. After he switched schools and took advanced courses, the black kids made fun of him, saying, “Oh, he thinks he’s white.”


Liu and several other former students said that they had remained skeptical of Hayes’s accusations until last summer, when an article appeared in Environmental Health News (in partnership with 100Reporters)* that drew on Syngenta’s internal records. Hundreds of Syngenta’s memos, notes, and e-mails have been unsealed following the settlement, in 2012, of two class-action suits brought by twenty-three Midwestern cities and towns that accused Syngenta of “concealing atrazine’s true dangerous nature” and contaminating their drinking water. Stephen Tillery, the lawyer who argued the cases, said, “Tyrone’s work gave us the scientific basis for the lawsuit.”
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