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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Wed May 11, 2005, 09:48 PM
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I love spending time with my grandchildren and gardening.

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"of the same party"

To any doubters out there, this should make it crystal clear that there are no "good republicans", and that includes all those who the press constantly tell us saved democracy on January 6, 2021. When it comes down to it, they are all traitors to their oaths and our country, who will use any means necessary in order to to shove their toxic ideology down the throats of the majority of Americans, who aren't members of the same party as them.


"Never did I think you were the kind of person to unleash such hate and fury on someone in political office of the same party,” Tricia Raffensperger wrote, noting that her family is under siege “because you didn’t have the decency or good manners to come and talk to my husband with any questions you may have had.”

Marchant has said that he wants to eliminate same-day voting, mail-in voting and ballot drop boxes

This Is What Happens When Election Deniers Let Their Freak Flag Fly


On Saturday, for example, the Republican nominee for secretary of state in Nevada, Jim Marchant, told a crowd at a rally for Trump and the statewide Republican ticket that his victory — Marchant’s victory, that is — would help put Trump back into the White House.


Marchant, as he noted in his rally speech, leads a coalition of 2020 election-denying America First candidates for governor and secretary of state. It’s a who’s who of MAGA Republicans, including Kari Lake and Mark Finchem of Arizona, Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania and Kristina Karamo of Michigan.

If elected, any one of these candidates could, at a minimum, create chaos in vote casting and vote counting and the certification of election results. Marchant, for example, has said that he wants to eliminate same-day voting, mail-in voting and ballot drop boxes. He also wants to dump machine ballot tabulation and move to hand counts, which are time-consuming, expensive and much less accurate.

That’s the point, of course. The problem for election-denying candidates is that ordinarily the process is too straightforward and the results are too clear. Confusion sows doubt, and doubt gives these Republicans the pretext they need to claim fraud and seize control of the allocation of electoral votes.


House Republicans offer the White House an enticing new target

House Republicans offer the White House an enticing new target
Most voters probably don't know about the Republican Study Committee's budget plan. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wants to change that.

It’s not unusual for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to offer public criticism of Republican ideas, but yesterday, President Joe Biden’s chief spokesperson targeted a specific proposal that hasn’t generated a lot of attention.

“The Republican Study Committee, which includes most House Republicans, endorses cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits,” Jean-Pierre said in a tweet.

For much of the public, which is probably unfamiliar with the Republican Study Committee, the missive may not have had much of an impact, but the press secretary’s point warrants some additional attention


It's difficult to summarize a 122-page plan, but these House Republicans made little effort to curtail their ambitions. If the Republican Study Committee’s plan were implemented, Social Security and Medicare would be partially privatized, food stamps would be slashed, Head Start would be phased out, Medicaid funding would be decimated, the Affordable Care Act would be weakened, labor unions would be undermined, the EPA would be gutted, abortion would be banned, birthright citizenship would be eliminated, Donald Trump’s border wall would be funded, and even the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would see its doors permanently closed.


The House Budget Committee’s Democratic chairman, Kentucky’s John Yarmuth told Mother Jones that the document reflects how a GOP-led House would govern. “The new members [Republicans] get if they unseat our members and take our open seats are going to be even more conservative than the people who put this together,” Yarmuth argued. “I think this would be exactly the blueprint that they would try to adopt.


This decision today is the fault of...

all the people who stayed home or voted third party in 2016 because they didn't like Hillary for whatever stupid reason they could think of. Of course James Comey and the Russian collusion also played a huge role in in the illegitimate outcome of that election, but the purity tests were a big factor in creating our current mess. Don't forget that the losers of the popular vote and senators who represent a minority of the population are the ones who installed the right wing majority on this court. And if anybody thinks that they will stop with this horrendous decision they haven't been paying attention for the past fifty years. All the rights and freedoms that were fought for and earned since the '50s and '60s are now on the chopping block in the near future unless we expand the court and align it with the vast majority of Americans.

I'm so sick of those people who knew getting credit...

for speaking out now when they could have done it in real time. Especially pence who went along with it from the beginning and did nothing to push back against all the lies. He won't even testify to the committee which puts his cowardice on full display. The committee is doing a great job in exposing all the lies but the narrative being put forward that these people are some sort of heroes is beyond the pale. They knew the plan all along and did nothing to warn the public and let it play out knowing full what would happen. People were radicalized, joined domestic terrorist groups, planned assassinations and attempted to overthrow our elected government all while these enablers stayed silent.

This ruling puts trump at the center of the conspiracy to attempt a coup

There is plenty of evidence already public but this federal judge's decision makes it crystal clear who was running the show.

CBS News: Court orders conservative lawyer John Eastman to turn over 159 documents to Jan. 6 committee.


"Dr. Eastman's actions in these few weeks indicate that his and President Trump's pressure campaign to stop the electoral count did not end with Vice President Pence
— it targeted every tier of federal and state elected officials," Carter said. "Convincing state legislatures to certify competing electors was essential to stop the count and ensure President Trump's reelection."

Carter also indicates in his order that Eastman's documents confirm the plan for Vice President Mike Pence to reject or delay the counting of state electoral votes during the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress was established "well before" lawmakers convened to reaffirm Mr. Biden's victory over Trump. Those proceedings were temporarily disrupted when the mob of Trump's supporters breached the U.S. Capitol to stymie the counting of state electoral votes.

In one email from Dec. 22, an attorney with Trump's legal team referenced the "January 6 strategy" as a plan known to eight others. Two days later, Eastman "explained that the worst case for the plan was receiving a court decision that constrained Vice President Pence's authority to reject electors," according to Carter's order.

"Dr. Eastman and President Trump's plan to stop the count was not only established by early December, it was the ultimate goal that the legal team was working to protect from that point forward," he wrote.

In examining the trove of documents contested by Eastman, Carter found one email, dated Dec. 22, may have been in furtherance of a crime. In that message, an attorney "goes beyond strategizing litigation outcomes" and considers whether to bring a case to shed light on the interpretation of the Electoral Count Act and the Jan. 6 proceedings of Congress.


Is Trumpism This Generation's Version of the Confederacy?

Is Trumpism This Generation's Version of the Confederacy?


Today’s Republican Party, under the control of Trumpism, is every bit as real a threat to the survival of our republic as was the Confederacy in the 1860s.

It’s emerged from similar conditions and reflects a nearly identical worldview grounded in the fear of losing white supremacy. It’s based in the American South, as was the Confederacy.

The media needs to wake the hell up. The American government, the American people, and the Democratic Party must see the Trumpist Republican Party for the threat it is.

The FBI and intelligence agencies need to bring the seditionists within it to ground. Democrats must loudly call out its naked embrace of racism and fascism and make clear where this will lead if unchecked.

Every day that goes by without action brings us closer to the new Republican Party’s goal: tearing apart democracy in America and transforming this country into this generation’s version of the Confederacy, complete with its own Lost Cause mythology.



In this post https://www.emptywheel.net/2022/03/30/the-right-wing-plan-to-rig-scotus/ I discussed the Republican plan to rig SCOTUS by selecting SCOTUS nominees who would reliably vote their way on issues important to their base and their donors. They’ve succeeded. In this post I give a brief sketch of their goals for each group, the means of enforcement, and the impact on the nature and benefits of American citizenship.

1. Donors. There is an oligarchy inside our democracy, as I have been saying for over a decade. It dominates the Republican donor class. Oligarchs want the freedom to do anything they like with their money and the assets they control. They want the freedom to do whatever they think will make them richer. And they really hate the idea of taxation and all forms of redistribution of wealth. Their current goal is to weaken the ability of the federal agencies to regulate, because that reduces the value of their assets.


Right-wing lawyers have been arguing that there is no Constitutional basis for administrative agencies, and thus no basis for rules made by agencies. This led to the non-delegation doctrine which limited the power of Congress to delegate authority to agencies. The current version is called the major questions doctrine, which says Congress has to be very specific about what it delegates if there is a big effect. It essentially gives SCOTUS the power to overrule any agency action it doesn’t like by saying Congress wasn’t explicit. As an example, SCOTUS used the shadow docket to strike down a CDC rule extending the nationwide moratorium on evictions in Alabama Assn. Of Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Services, link here. The Court said the cost to landlords was so great that Congress had to explicitly give the agency poser to make such broad rules.


Another challenge to democracy is the idea that state legislatures can make election rules without the checks and balances of their state constitutions, including their governors and courts. This is called the independent state legislature doctrine. I love the idea that this garbage jurisprudence calls itself “doctrines”.

Each of these cases essentially means that we don’t live in a democracy, that the votes of millions of us don’t matter, and in turn, that government controlled by a minority of rich people and religious fanatics cannot be replaced by a majority of voters.


In this post https://www.emptywheel.net/2022/03/30/the-right-wing-plan-to-rig-scotus/ I cited constitutional scholars across the ideological spectrum saying that originalism and textualism were the conservative backlash against these and many other so-called liberal decisions of the Warren Court. The six conservatives now ruling over us plan to gut those decisions. They were all selected for that purpose. In the future, we will have very few meaningful rights as Americ. The bulk of our rights will be set by states, many of which are gerrymandered so that a minority can decide what you can and cannot do.

That’s not my idea of America.

I have always been disgusted by the media's bothsiderism but...

today I happened to catch Bod Woodward on morning Joe taking it to another level. He kept insisting that the left is equally responsible for the right wingers war on democracy saying that it rests on Biden's shoulders to turn the temperature down. He was chastised numerous times by the other guests and hosts but wouldn't give up on his talking point. He was given ample opportunity to clarify what he was saying but he even went so far as to compare what meadows, ginni T. and the rest of them were doing after the election to the way Democrats operate. This nonsense is expected over there at fox but the MSM has got to start doing better, it has been going on way too long and if they don't stop with the false equivalence I see no hope for the future.

They don't just want to "stop" history --they want to erase it

Republicans aren't content to just "stop" history — they want to erase decades of progress entirely
Book banning, forcing people into the closet, even childbirth death: The GOP can't wait to bring it all back


In 1955, William F. Buckley of the National Review famously defined his magazine's mission — and that of conservatism broadly: To stand "athwart history, yelling 'Stop!'" The quote frequently gets romanticized, though it should not.

Buckley wrote his mission statement a mere month before the Montgomery bus boycott began and a year after Brown vs. the Board of Education was decided. He did not hide that the "radical social experimentation" he decried was desegregation. In the 21st century, however, conservatism — which has become indistinguishable from Republicanism — is no longer content with just trying to stop or slow down progress. Nowadays, Republicans are hellbent on re-litigating seemingly every battle they've lost over the decades. In some cases, over a century's worth of progress is being targeted for elimination.

They don't just want to "stop" history —they want to erase it.

Indeed, that is what this "critical race theory" hoax that has the right all riled up is all about. Under the guise of battling "critical race theory" — which is almost never taught in public schools — Republicans are trying to ban books that cover the civil rights movement and intimidating history teachers into pretending the 50s and 60s never happened. Buckley may not have been able to "stop" the civil rights activists he loathed so much, but his Republican descendants are intent on hiding the fact that the movement for civil rights ever happened.

The book banning frenzy is just the tip of the iceberg, however. It's now clear that Republicans want to revive every political fight they've lost, going back at least to Buckley's time and, in some cases, even before it.

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