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Member since: Wed May 11, 2005, 04:39 PM
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Anyone here miss DU as much as I do?

I started browsing here in 2002 and joined a few years later. Then, the fights were over Olive Garden...corn flake chicken...and who hated GWB the most. My husband and I were hired to start up a homeless shelter at the end of 2007 so I must admit I missed a lot of the 2008 primary drama. I was an Obama supporter and happily voted for him that November.

So was it really as ugly then as it is now? Can DU really recover? I hope so. I was pondering earlier today how 3 people think enough of me to give me hearts for Valentine's day. And so many of you have done that for others...people you've never met and more than likely will never meet.

I'm fond of so many here. Even those I disagree with...even those I currently have on "ignore". I respect and listen to your opinions. Sometimes the responses--on both sides--are vicious. I've probably been guilty too, no doubt.

I just hope that this time...next year...we all can enjoy being on the same page again by celebrating a newly elected Democratic President. And a left-leaning Supreme Court
Posted by Liberal Jesus Freak | Tue Feb 16, 2016, 10:50 PM (65 replies)

Attention Bernie supporters!!!

They are onto us. After reading the multiple posts today regarding online polls, we must admit our ploy isn't working. I have created, as I know you have, multiple email accounts in a feeble attempt to skew these polls. My multiple devices can no longer handle the traffic. I'm running out of cloths with which to wipe my servers. I suggest we hold a secret meeting tonight...in the prearranged secret place...to determine the next website to infiltrate. Might I suggest you be considering: Free Bernie Republic; Daily Bernie Kos He's Great; HillaryClintonSupportersLoveBernie. Can we all agree to meet at 8:00 ET at the prearranged secret place? Thanks!
Posted by Liberal Jesus Freak | Thu Dec 17, 2015, 06:28 PM (16 replies)
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