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Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: USA
Current location: Durham, NC
Member since: Sat May 7, 2005, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 30,852

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I had to get a plumber

to come remove my garbage disposal yesterday because I brilliantly turned it on Saturday with a shot glass that had slid down into it. I spent two hours Sunday tediously picking small glass pieces out of it with tongs and then using the vacuum to suck out the smaller pieces because I was hoping not to have to call a plumber for $150+/hr. Didn't work.

I called four plumbers on Monday: two couldn't schedule a visit until the end of May or early June. One, whom I'd previously used with his own business and reasonable charges, didn't return my call. The fourth was able to come the next day. The estimate, when he got here, was almost $475. to remove the disposal and convert the sink to a regular drain. My other option would have been to let my long time handyman -- who still only charges me $50/hr-- do it. But, it would probably take him a lot longer and I'd be paying for his time to go get the plumbing supplies he'd need. And I'd still have to pay the $149. "diagnostic fee" to the plumber. I let the plumber do it and he was done in less than an hour. He had 15 years

When my house was being built three years ago I asked the builder not to install a garbage disposal because I don't like them. He refused saying it was a part of the contract with his sub that he couldn't alter.( We were offered lots of design choices). Probably BS. Anyway, I paid for something I didn't want and now I really paid to have it removed.

After I wrote the check to the plumber yesterday I told him I hoped he was getting a good part of it. He didn't say anything, so I assume he's not getting $300/hr. I imagine he's lucky if he's getting $50/hr.

And then the plumber I had hoped to use called me back. Next time I'll wait to hear from him and hope he won't be charging me $300/hr.

PBS series: My Music with Rhiannon Giddens

just showed first episode last week and is replaying this week.


I have been a fan of Rhiannon Giddens since she was a member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, almost 20 years ago. Last year I saw the opera that premiered at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston --Omar--which she co-wrote with Michael Abels, that has just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music.


She is a phenomenal talent. I just watched the first episode of the PBS series and I heartily recommend it.


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